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  2. Just read the message in the Hypersync program that the successor is coming: HyperBase Live. There is a thread on it, now in public beta. I have not tried it yet. As for databases: everything starts with them. As i understood, development was slow or infrequent, but now i see more effort and a database team is being assembled. Cheers
  3. HyperSync update 10.03.2016 242 Commodore 64 game videos from here (Thanks to Shroud, Circo) C64 lives!
  4. HyperSync update 07.03.2016 719 Sega Genesis Game boxes (3D) from here (thanks to Sir Cyrano, DamnedRegistrations) 23 Sega Genesis wheels from here (thanks to Sub-zero, BartMarley, gamesmame, DamnedRegistrations, Fire10) 53 Nintendo Entertainment System Game Wheels from here (thanks to Sub-zero, J-Sinn, DamnedRegistrations, JayC, BartMarley) 16 Commodore 64 Game wheels (from Dougans mega project?) Regarding the Sega genesis wheel: HyperSync seem to be "missing" (or WIP) a few from that thread (Buck Rogers, double dragon, After Burner II to name a few). Same for NES wheels, missing at least Robocop I to III (did not check all of them, but there are alot in the thread). Very good update this time! Thanks to all involved!
  5. HyperSync Update 24.02.2016 365 Game Boy Color game boxes
  6. Pinball FX2 Missing artwork on HyperSync, using HyperSync XML 1.0 dated 05/13/2015 1 of 46 themes missing: Default.zip FX2 Letter Pack XML: since the update pack of 15.10.2015 there are 68 games issued, the HyperSync XML 1.0 contains 45. There is a new database in the upload area here by marxkemp.
  7. I will keep the OP updated. Have a great weekend everybody!
  8. I used vinyl wrap foil on my second bartop. So much choice! Carbon look in 10.000 different colors, gold, silver, mirror chrome, etc.!!! However, using it on large surfaces such as the sides,makes it a bit boring looking after a while. For CP its good though.
  9. Hi there! Circo does a great job by informing us about the Emumovies updates. I thought to start something similar here, to provide a quick reference of the latest additions, before you even think of updating. I use Hypersync for almost all systems, but some have been downloaded apart from it. Also note I do not have every single system installed, or even all the games, so your help is appreciated. Here goes: HyperSync Update 20.02.2016 Just 3 MAME game videos: elevator.mp4, mk2.mp4, umk3.mp4 HyperSync update 16.02.2016 Sega Game Gear - 239* Game Wheels following HQ update, see announcement thread Nintendo Game Boy - 806 Game Wheels HQ update (or maybe because I recently installed the system, but did not sync it previously) *) Actually 334 HQ wheels available, found out I still used the 1.1 database, while 1.2 is the newest. Also notice that it took 2 days for Hypersync to show up the HQ wheels compared to the download section. Probably even faster because I did not update earlier than the 16th. A big thank you for that! Also huge thanks to the Wheel Machines Sub-Zero JayC bartmarley dougan78 Iggy J-Sinn
  10. How are your woodworking skills? Mine were non-existing, so i went for a bartop first (and after that i build another bartop :-)) Building a bartop and going through the process can help you decide what you want for a full size cabinet. However, if you are on a budget, you might decide to go big right away.
  11. Oh yeah, i used a miniPac for all my bartops, easy to connect and no soldering.
  12. You from Germany? In the past i ordered most of my stuff from arcadeworld.co.uk, and also from arcadeshop.de The first one has alot of choice but shipping is high (good service). The latter one can take a while. Also try ebay.de, sometimes big sets of joysticks and buttons can be found.
  13. Maybe if you refer to a second installment of hyperspin in the game menu. So mortal kombat would actually refer to another hyperspin with just one wheel with all mortal kombat games.
  14. About 100+ videos have been remade by Circo, and synced through hyperspin. There is a thread at emumovies. There is a codec problem, resulting in only audio but no video. I have the same problem, but Circo is aware and working on it. Cheers
  15. There are two tabs where you can set box art, etc. One is to set box art for individual games (on or off). But you will need the second tab, where you have the choices "DO NOT SYNC" and "Default". Hope it makes sense.
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