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  1. 5 hours ago, diskmach said:

    Nice. Did you mean the redo list? It is in the first post in the thread now. 

    But be warned. There are only difficult and/or time-consuming ones left now...;) If you'd like to look at a particular one I could tell you what I think needs to be done with it.

    Wow wipe out 3 looks solid to do id smash my mouse up lol wouldnt know where to start :(.Wipeout-3_N3DS_US_ESRB.jpg

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  2. On 15/05/2017 at 5:18 AM, diskmach said:

    Well, you need time, patience and practice...:)

    I was where you seem to be about 10 months ago...You could check out the Wiiware wheels thread from around page 9, if you like, I got some advice from JSinn there.

    First thing, you really need to start out with Photoshop and the pen tool, if nothing else because everybody else uses that, easier to get advice...

    And you have a nice tutorial section here, check out JayC's videos...

    thanks ill check it out :)

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  3. 2 hours ago, diskmach said:

    Think I did that one already.



    It's a bit tricky sometimes too find the correct one, what we try to do is find a box shot, like on ebay:


    The one you posted seem to have been used in France, among other countries:


    I take the UK cover first, as we're doing this in English for the official set, if it's not a question of an exclusive title for another country that is playable without knowing that particular language.

    I might use the image on the German or French cover or so, if the title is the same and I can't find the UK one.

    There are LOTS of fake covers for 3DS floating around, cut and paste like...


    Also, you might want to trim away the transparent pixels around the image.

    If you meant that you wanted some practical tips about working with an image, I could do that too?


    yeah it was hard to tell what image was legit all i use is gimp and click layer transparentcy and add it to background and cut away im yet to master photoshop i do have it but not really worked it out :(

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