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  1. Sega Mega-Tech System View File Submitter fame-shadow Submitted 06/22/2017 Category Databases (XML) Credits  
  2. Bakuretsu Quiz Ma-Q Dai Bouken View File not the best but found that there was no theme for the game Submitter fame-shadow Submitted 04/29/2017 Category Upload Here  
  3. I think a guy called Dee fester made a Mario set also but your one looks better I could say more but I better not lol nice work
  4. fame-shadow


  5. do you guy's need some help? inbox me I can do video snaps and have a go at doing some wheels .
  6. does anyone have mugen ini in there ftp? i managed to get open bor running using someone's ini in ftp
  7. I used Rom jacket to get a lot of the systems done . Gigapig is it your Birthday? Happy Birthday mate .
  8. Vibox on ebay do cheap gaming rigs thats where i got mine last year
  9. I cant even get it to launch lol.
  10. craig your x1 worked with my 360 controller didn't need to remap hope that helps.
  11. I wish I had that many but if I dont find rom sets I don't bother too hard finding the games:(.
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