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  1. Hi, use a MSI WIND U100 for my mini Cab! Find one with broken case... Lock for a cheap Netbook and you have also the LCD Panel!
  2. Hey, looks good! i am also on a Icade mod with an asus eee. greets, Nexus23
  3. Hi, her some pics of my Atari 7800 Mod. Found a rusty Atari 7800 (it was under water) and a broken ASUS Eee PC 1215B. It´s 12,1" size, now the board connections on both sides! Needs only a few modification to bring it in Atari case! Next step is a changeable 2,5" Hdd. The Hdd goes into a orginal Cardridge. I have decided to "ET the Game" The best Game ever Images from the current state.
  4. Nexus23

    Suche finde :)

    Hi, hier ist es glaube ich sogar strikt verboten Romlinks zu posten, dergleichen! Ich sag mal Google is your Friend! Gib dort mal ein z.b Gamebase, NoIntro, Goodset... Damit bist dann gut bedient! Gruß, Nexus23
  5. Rounded sticker on place now it's time for a new project
  6. Ah, Ok! Also geht es ja voran Hattest doch mal ein Problem mit epsxe, blackscreen. Beim lesen gerade an dich gedacht, klick mal auf den link: http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/forum/showthread.php?39915-ePSXe&p=377789#post377789
  7. Hi Thomas! Go to settings, my Profile, edit Profile and set a new password! That solved the problem for me!
  8. Hi, System looks not so bad! Newer Games maybee a problem, some Mame Games need a very fast Cpu also gpu! Psx and Sega DC, Saturn N64, Gamecube should work without problems!? Ram update to 8gb was an option but 4 must enough for Hyperspin and most Systems... LCD Monitor not a problem VGA, HDMI, DVI you can use your old Kabel and all is fine. A 33" Crt changed to a LCD is not a good idea! Like Crt an have only a LCD LCD Monitor, TV easy to find! You can use a Plama TV or a LCD TV with good Kontrast for a few bugs! My Cab runs with a Packard bell easynote le11bz only 1,4ghz dualcore and Radeon HD 7310 onboard Graphic Gamecube & sega M2-3, Zinc, Sega Naomi does not work in a playable framerate but that`s ok for me, Psx and all other Systems working very good.
  9. 134 Systems about 3,5tb use a custum psp set about 500 Games, custom Gamecube 207 Games, Full Psx NTSC set, Ps2 only 3 Games (Gran Turismo 3,4 & Prologe) Custom Wii set about 50 Games, NDS only the NTSC Games and all other 8-32bit System not worth talking about! Not updated Sega DC and saturn set! Hyperspin with Artwork on C: Drive 129GB. Today working on exodos it will fill the 4tb extern drive and makes my setup finished Thats enough to play i think How long does it take to start every Game to see the title screen? 70 Years? Edit: 2 Backups of setup exist! I am not a prepper But if my House burning or floating i find a Backup Solution by my brothers home! And one is here.
  10. Oha, hab gerade mal nachgeschaut sind an die 7GB an Emus! Lad dir gleich mal die Module & Settings hoch! Dann so nach und nach die Emus. Bei den Settings editier dann die "Emulators.ini" dort den Pfad zu deinen roms eintragen! vielleicht reicht das schon wenn du die Module hast, wenn nicht pack ich dir die Tage auch noch die emus mit hoch. Edit: Übertragung abgeschlossen
  11. Some Pics of my very cheap X-Arcade build Broken Controller, a broken Board and ATX PSU for fast fitting parts. Edit: Oh, Hyperpin is completely the wrong place! Maybe a Admin can move it to a right space? Sorry!
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