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  1. Emumovies, check the VP & FP packs for the tables, then you have what you need, rename the files & you should be good. As far as I am aware, there are no TPA vids at this point. Edit - Ah, actually... Have a look here. http://www.gameex.info/forums/topic/15571-pinball-arcade-dl-playfield-videoswheels-mega-pack Edit 2 - Ah, sorry. Forget that. They're for cabs. I haven't done very well here have I.
  2. Whuttup Hyperspin peeps. It's been a long time since i've posted here, but I thought this was worth it. Recent developments have very much changed the status of these classic games. Raiden II & Raiden DX are now (pretty much) playable in MAME. Emulation is far from complete, & redumps are needed, but for long time emulation fans this is a pretty big deal. The more impatient amongst us (like me) shold check out the SVN updates, which are being regularly updated. Or if you can wait, 0.155 should be a biggy. Other cool stuff is currently happening too, but those Raiden games are looooooong awaited. Luckily for you folks, Mr Mamesick has upped builds here for your pleasure. It's quite likely that you will have to update your romsets, please remember that before the same questions get asked again, DO NOT request roms here. This news should at least make a few of you grin. Happy shmupping. Peace.
  3. Yessssss, that worked nicely, thanks for that Chris. By the way - Dolphin Triforce Git 3.0-697 has been released, It now supports Virtua Striker 2002 !
  4. I'm running the 64 bit version of Dolphin on my cabinet, but it won't run on my main PC for some reason, so i'm running the 32bit version there. Unfortunately the audio problems are in both versions. Looks like we'll have to wait for some updates, there haven't been any since the controls got fixed. Me & my girl have got plenty of play from GP2 but now I really can't wait to play F-Zero AX !
  5. From one eye to another, cheers bud.
  6. No probs Evil Eye, Thanks for the thanks. Even though i've helped peeps out plenty in the past this is the first one in almost 4 years. Haha, nice one. Still playing the game, runs brilliantly, Can't wait for F-Zero AX to work.
  7. Graphics & sound are very good, the game runs lovely Nope, stick to regular builds of Dolphin for Gamecube emulation. At the moment Dolphin Triforce only emulates one game. All the controls are hooked up now and I played the game for over two hours without any problems. http://www.emucr.com/2012/06/dolphin-triforce-git-30-696.html
  8. New version, Dolphin Triforce Git 3.0-696 is out. Controls appear to be sorted, The changelog says - * Changed the gas and brake controls to right trigger and left trigger respectively. * Hooked up the analog controls and some of the other switches. Thanks to MetalliC for the patch. stickX - steering stickY - gas / brake A - Item button B - Cancel button Z - Coin X - Test mode (not working) Y - Service Now gonna test it.
  9. I got some new files and now everything is good. Emulation is good, game runs lovely. Looks like you have the same problem Hunk, The bad files I had are .iso, the new working ones are .bin, you just to rename them to .iso to get Dolphin to recognise them.
  10. OK, done that. Now about to test. I'll report back in a bit. You might have the same problem as me, what exactly is the error ?
  11. I'm starting to think i've got a dodgy iso. I think the one i've got is for WII Quadforce. I'll have to find another one to try.
  12. Ah, OK, that's cool. It wasn't quite clear to me on the thread. Honestly bud, i've tried it & checked it & re-tried it like 20 times now, it looks simple, but something else is amiss. There appears to be others with the same problem, i've just asked on the Dolphin forum. By the way VJ, have you got it running through HS yet ? Looks simple enough.
  13. Yep, completely followed the instructions. Enabled cheats & enabled AM-Baseboard in SP1 and Port1, I get - Unknown DVD command ed000000 - fatal error followed by Unknown DVD command 57000000 - fatal error It does say on the link you sent to the Dolphin forum - "Find your game ID and copy and paste this in the game .ini file" Can anyone tell me how I do this ? Where do I find my game ID ?
  14. Hmmmm, Can't get any games to boot at the moment. All games crash with a fatal error message, including GP 2. Anybody out there able to help me with this ? I'll post the specific problem in a while.
  15. A version of Dolphin has been released which emulates some Triforce games. I'm about to give it a go in a bit. I'll report back how I get on. Anyone else out there attempting to emulate Triforce ?
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