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  1. Of course you would have to live in Canada!! I would've bought you countless beers and fed you well to have you here in little ol Omaha to help me with my Pinball machine!! I'm definitely envious or your cabinet!! I think I will just stick to making it without all the bells and whistles (knockers, tilt, plunger, etc) It will pale in comparison but I'll still enjoy it!! Thanks for making me hate you!! LOL
  2. yeah your power wires attached to your motherboard should only be two wires one positive and one negative! you should also have reset wires neg and pos. you may be confusing power led wires too. Those are different from your power wires and are meant to light up to show you that you are getting power. Same with harddrive led power wires. they are meant to light up to show you that you have power to your harddrive and will flash when you have activity!!
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