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  1. Look here they may have what you need. https://www.focusattack.com/search.php?search_query=usb
  2. Have you looked at Deviantart.com you never know what you'll find there???
  3. That just sucks!! I always order more than I need just in case but they should stand behind what they sell to begin with!!
  4. That's a lot of loot for an arcade. The most I've ever sold one of mine for is $2500 and the least for just over $1000. More a love for the hobby than the money!!!
  5. Just my two cents but I would decase that computer. A box inside another box is not going to be good for airflow. The first one I did I didn't decase it but did all the others and they run a lot cooler. Only downside is the graphics card if you have one and how to keep it in place once you decase it!! I just kept the backside in place so I could still screw down the card.
  6. I believe depending on which type of trackball you have they have to go in only one way. At least all the ones I've ever used. The kerf cuts look great I wonder if you could, or should try to fill it in for more support or not??
  7. Im in Omaha Nebraska. Its a little heavy so shipping could be a bit. Just thought I'd offer.
  8. Here's a couple of pics of the coin door, the mechs, and the coin bucket and metal housing for the coin bucket. I don't know anything about it other than it coming out of a Tekken 3.
  9. I wonder what it would cost to ship one to you? I have one with the coin mechs and with the metal housing for the coin bucket along with the coin bucket! You could have it for free if youre interested. It came off of a Tekken 3. I'll post a pic of it later to help you decide!
  10. Of course you would have to live in Canada!! I would've bought you countless beers and fed you well to have you here in little ol Omaha to help me with my Pinball machine!! I'm definitely envious or your cabinet!! I think I will just stick to making it without all the bells and whistles (knockers, tilt, plunger, etc) It will pale in comparison but I'll still enjoy it!! Thanks for making me hate you!! LOL
  11. What exactly are you trying to put on there game wise?? Strictly old school arcade games or are you looking for Nintendo, playstation, PC games and all the others? If its old school Mame only I can help you out. As far as the other systems I don't care to play them on an arcade machine because to me it seems really odd and setting up controls can be a pain!!
  12. As long as I don't hit the power button on the monitor and I turn it off on the power strip all I have to do is hit the switch on the powerstrip and it turns on the monitor. Once you actually pull the plug out then it has to be turned on with the power button!
  13. yeah if you have a form you can also buy thin veneer pieces or sheets depending on how big you need it to be and glue them together on the form but sometimes depending on what type of veneer you get it can be a little pricey!! Good luck!
  14. yeah I believe if your pulling the plug everytime it wont remember the power on state but if you have it on a powerstrip or a smartstrip and turning it off that way it should. I don't think I've ever had a monitor that didn't remember the power on state as long as it was never completely unplugged!!
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