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  1. Quick question about XML files...I'm pretty sure I already know the answer to this but I wanted to check before I spend a couple of hours working on this. I have a list of 600 or so games in my favorites list for MAME. Since the Android version doesn't support favorites yet, the text file with my favorites is kinda useless. Is there an easy way to convert that text file into an XML file with full game details? I can only think of two ways to create a favorites list XML. 1. I could rummage through the text doc and then pull all my favorite ROMs out and use HyperROM2XML to create an XML from the ROMs I pull out. But that would take a while and I wouldn't have full details in the XML since stuff like description, date, genre, etc wouldn't be there. 2. I could manually create an XML file by copying the lines for each of my favorite ROMs into a new document. That would take even longer than number one above but I'd have full details then. Neither of these are ideal because of how long they will take but I have a feeling those are my only options. If anyone has any better ideas, feel free to chime in. Otherwise I know how I'll be spending my Saturday.
  2. I finally received my 128gb micro SD yesterday. I spent the night copying over 100gigs of stuff from my external that I was using on the Shield to the new SD card...get this...RetroArch works perfectly now. For some reason, it just didn't like my external. So now I have all the stuff I want for now on my Shield. At some point I want to put some PSP stuff on here but I obviously don't have enough space for all those ISO's right now so I'll probably just have to bring over the top 10 or 20 ISO's and leave the rest. I'm not even sure if I have a full set of PSP stuff. I read somewhere online that it's 2tb! I don't know how much I have on my HTPC but I would imagine it's in the 100-200gb range. I guess I'm missing a lot! I can't say enough how awesome this project is reznnate! Once you get favorites added, I'll have everything I ever dreamed of on here. It would be cool if a search program like Hyper Search could work but the app as is, is KILLER.
  3. Interesting info on the CPU Throttling. It looks like that article is almost a year old now...does anyone know if Nvidia fixed those issues? I tested out Bump N Jump and I didn't have any of the problems he was showing in his video. I installed Xposed Framework and followed the steps as you indicated (great writeup by the way) and I still can't access those ROMs with RetroArch. I think the issue you are outlining does have something to with it though...I have no issues accessing the ROMs when they are on my internal storage but if they are zipped and on the external, it's a no go for RetroArch. .EMU emulators will run the zipped files from my internal just fine though. I also just tried creating a save state and then loading it and NES.EMU handled that just fine, again with a zipped file on my external. I tried another test with RetroArch...this time I unzipped the ROM directly on to my external and it worked. So with .EMU, it all just works. With RetroArch I either have to move the ZIP file to internal or unzip the file on external. I'm really confused as to what's going on here. LOL.
  4. I'm using the Shield Portable (not the tablet). I'm on 4.4.2 stock. I'm rooted but I don't have a custom ROM. I'm on the latest update of RetroArch but the app hasn't been updated in forever either (at least not the Google Play version). The version is and Google Play says it was last updated on March 9th of 2014. So it's 14+ months old. I see I can download nightlies and stable builds from the Liberto.com site. I guess I could try that. I see there are two types of stable releases: armebi-v7a and x86. Which one would be best for my Shield? The RetroArch error I'm getting with Lynx is the same error I get with every ROM on every system. I've tested 15-20 in total. The only workaround for me is to take the file from my external and put it on my internal memory. Then RetroArch boots it just fine. So it must be that this 14+ month old RetroArch didn't have full support of external hard drives yet. Looking forward to those future updates!
  5. Ahah! I figured out why I was still getting the "Warning - Attempting to launch missing rom" message on Atari 2600 and Atari Lynx. The file extension in the INI file was bin for 2600 and lyx (or something to that effect) for Lynx. I added in zip and voila! It looks like I have every system that I want running now with the exception of Lynx. The problem I'm now having with Lynx is that I can't find another emulator to run it but RetroArch and RetroArch isn't playing nice with my external hard drive. I'm going to move all my files over to an SD card though and just run it all off of that so that should fix that. Just wanted to update the post in case anyone else gets that error message and can't figure out what they are missing. You mentioned earlier that HS is only looking for the main XML. So does that mean that favorites aren't supported right now? I saw some code in the INI file for favorites but I haven't tried messing with it yet. Just have to say that I'm super impressed with this app. Having Hyperspin on a handheld device is AWESOME. If I can just get favorites to work, I'll be done with this setup! Thanks for all the time and energy you put in to making this happen. You launched at a great time with the Shield TV release imminent. As more and more people flock to Android for gaming this app will start to look like a better alternative for folks looking to upgrade their current rig or even to get into HS for the first time. I feel like this app is MILES easier to setup than the Windows version.
  6. I'm making some progress here. My RetroArch problems seem to center around the ROMs being on an external HD. I've tried everything and nothing seems to work to get RetroArch to load my ROMs either in Hyperspin or by opening up the app itself. I finally decided to test my theory about it having to do with the external and I copied one of my ROMs from the external right to the Shield's internal storage. ROM worked like a champ. Maybe RetroArch would like an SD card but it doesn't seem to like an external drive. My workaround was to edit most of the emulators with the info you posted elsewhere in the forum. I changed most of my emulators to the .emu emulators that I use now anyways. Now my only hold up is Atari Lynx and Game Gear. Oh...I fixed "Warning - Attempting to launch missing rom" issue by making sure all my folders matched. Using Game Boy as an example...beforehand I had Game Boy ROMs in a folder named Game Boy. I went back and changed that folder name to Nintendo Game Boy so that it matched your INI file name and I changed the destination of the ROMs in the INI to Nintendo Game Boy as well. I just made sure that every reference to Game Boy said Nintendo Game Boy and that there were no variations. That fixed it for every system except for Atari Lynx. I'm still getting the error there for some reason. But I have so many emulators working at this point that I'm not too worried about these last few if I can't figure them out. I do have this question...how are you figuring out the EXE path section in your INI. If I want to add an emulator that's not RetroArch and not in your current list, I'm not sure how to go about doing it. Is that something I can easily figure out how to customize and test or what? I did have to customize some of the .EMU emulators like the SNES one for example since you don't have that one in your list. But that was simple since the program was developed by the same person who did the NES.EMU which you did provide the EXE path for. I just copied that line over to the SNES INI and changed NESEMU to SNES9X or whatever it was and it worked.
  7. First off, I currently have two working Hyperspin setups. I have an arcade cab and an HTPC. I decided to take pieces from my HTPC setup for my new Shield Portable setup. I wanted to be space conscious so I only copied over certain things to my external hard drive. My Hard Drive letter is H. In the root of H I have the Hyperspin folder. Instead of that I have the following folders: Databases, Emulators, HyperLaunch (do I even need this?), and Media. Those folders are mostly from my HTPC but modified a bit. I'll explain that in a moment. I also downloaded the Android Settings file as referenced in another post on here. It's labeled as Settings_Android. For Databases, I copied over the wheels that I wanted to be on my Shield. I mostly chose cart based systems and MAME. I left the files inside the folders as they were. I think most have the regular XML with all the ROM's, a favorites list, and a genre list. Side note: I did notice that Hyperspin Android seems to boot to favorites. Although I feel like it adds some more games in the mix also. But MAME for instance, is for sure not running on the full XML file. Can you elaborate on what file Hyperspin uses to create the wheels? If it does boot into favorites, is there a way to back out into the genre list so I can select all games like on Windows Hyperspin? For Emulators, I have a folder for each system and the only thing in each folder is a ROMS folder with all the ROMS. I left the ROM names exactly as they were on my HTPC so that the media files and the XML would all match up. I copied the full HyperLaunch folder over so all the normal stuff is in there but as I was asking above...do I even need this folder? I would assume that I don't and I can just delete it. For Media, I copied over the folders for the systems I wanted. I kept the contents inside the same as it was on my HTPC. With all that out the way...Hyperspin boots fine. I can control it with my Shield. All the wheels, arts, and videos are there. MAME seems to work perfectly. I select a ROM and it boots MAME4Droid. But all the other systems (NES, SNES, Gameboy, Game Gear, Genesis, etc) do not work. I get one of two errors. With NES, it appears that the ROM tries to load but then I get a RetroArch error. Specifically I get "Unfortunately, RetroArch has stopped." I have the option to report or OK that prompt. OK takes me back into NES or closes our Hyperspin altogether. I've tried several ROMs in NES and the same thing always happens. SNES, Sega Master System, Sega Genesis, Sega Game Gear and Atari 7800 all do the same exact thing. I haven't tested Retroarch extensively but I can say that the one game I did test didn't work direclty in Retroarch. I tried loading all three different NES cores and it crashed each time. I also have NES.emu installed and that's the NES app I typically use. I tried the same game in that app, booted perfectly. So something must be off for me in Retroarch. Any tips there or could I just modify the exe line of each of those ini files to point to other emulators? If I can, how do I do that exactly? I'm not sure what needs to go in that line. I see how Retroarch is in there now but I'm not sure how to replicate that with other emulators and what else might need to be changed. For all the other systems (Atari 2600, 5200, Lynx, GB, GB Color, GBA, PC Engine, TurboGrafx 16 and Neo Geo Pocket) I get a simple error message "Warning - Attempting to launch missing rom" when I try and load a game. I think all my paths match...I've checked several times but obviously I must be missing something, unless this another Retroarch issue and not a Hyperspin issue. But Gameboy for instance...the ini file says: path=H:\hyperspin\emulators\Game Boy\ rompath=Emulators/Game Boy/roms/ And that's the exact path to my Game Boy folder. Now inside of Databases, the Game Boy folder there is called Nintendo Game Boy and not just Game Boy but I imagine that doesn't matter. The Main Menu database XML also contains Nintendo Game Boy and the XML file for the GB ROMs is called Nintendo Game Boy as well. So Game Boy is prefaced for Nintendo in those three places inside the Database folder. My issues are probably some sort of silly quick fix but I can't seem to figure out what I'm missing here.
  8. reznnate: I have an old 500gb external laying around and I decided I'd repurpose it for testing out Hyperspin on my Shield Portable. I formatted the external in NTFS format and just put a test folder in the root of the drive. I plugged it in to my OTG adapter and then into my Shield Portable. When I launch ES File Explorer it does see a USB device but it won't let me access it. I'm thinking that maybe I need one of those Y OTG cables so I can give the external some extra juice but before I buy another cable I wanted to see if you thought that was the issue. I remember I had issues with my 64gb SD Card on the Shield. It needed some funky find of formatting. Does the Shield care if my external is Fat32 or NTFS or anything like that?
  9. What the... I thought I was set up to receive notifications when new posts were made but I guess not! I just logged on to the forums for the first time since my last post and I noticed an Android section on the main forum page. Then I jumped to my thread here and found it was a few pages long. Huzzah! I'm PUMPED about this. I've already downloaded Hyperspin to my Shield Portable and I'm going to work on getting her set up tonight or tomorrow for some testing. Kudos to the team working on this! Every few days I think about how I can make a portable Hyperspin build and now I don't have to try and figure out something outside of the box. I was actually hopefully that the new Intel HDMI Stick would do the trick but I just pulled reviews on that yesterday and saw that it's apparently not living up to it's hype. But all that is irrelevant now that I can get Hyperspin on a device I already own and love. The Hyperspin community rocks!
  10. Did some quick numbers and with most all the cart based systems (Ataris, Lynx, Game Boys, NES, SNES, Genesis, Game Gear, couple others), and MAME ROMS that don't use a folder like Area 51 and Gauntlet Legends, I get right under 50 gigs. The media (themes, images, videos) for all those systems comes to 42.9 gigs. So just under 100 gigs gets you all of that. I didn't include any CD based systems, the N64, Nintendo DS, or PSP in those numbers. I imagine you could add in the N64 and it would be another 10-15 gigs but I have a dedicated N64 with a flash cart so I don't care to play those games on the go. So a 128 gig SD card would do the trick but the prices on those are still pretty high compared to the rest. Another thought was maybe getting an OTG cable that converts the mini USB to full sized and using a USB flash drive. It looks like the 128's are $30-45 which is much cheaper than the SD card. I actually saw a 256 on Amazon for around $75 so that could easily add more of the higher end systems into the mix if someone wanted to go that route. Ultimately, I'm not sure I want to invest the time and money into this project right now. I think this time next year there might be some better options for Windows Tablets that could make the experience better. If I end up with some free time, I may try and dive into this now but I wanted to get the ideas out there at least in case anyone has a Windows tablet and wants to tinker around. It would be pretty cool to see!
  11. I wonder how the Dell Venue 8 would fair? Intel Atom Z3740D Processor (2MB Cache, up to 1.8GHz Quad-Core) 2 GB RAM Memory. They have a 32gb and 64gb variant and it has a Micro SD slot so you could easily add another 64gb. I wonder how much space you need to have MAME and all systems up to the 16 bit era (ROMS, Hyperspin themes, videos, etc). I guess I could sit and try and figure that out. You could then pair the tablet with a clip on controller like this: http://www.amazon.com/Controller-Portable-Bluetooth-Smartphone-TabletTablet/dp/B00MTI15J6/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1428365479&sr=8-1&keywords=tablet+gamepad It looks like you can also hook the tablet up to an HDTV. So not only could you play on the device when your on the go, but you could hook it up to a TV, along with an Xbox Controller Receiver, and play on a bigger screen with Xbox controllers. Sounds like a win to me. I wouldn't mind picking up the tablet and testing it out but I'd like to have some sort of idea as to whether or not this could work with Windows 8 and an Atom processor.
  12. Is it possible to create a handheld setup that can run Hyperspin? The closest I've seen is streaming Hyperspin to the Nvidia Shield Portable via Nvidia's GameStream. I've spent the week tweaking my HTPC and Nvidia Shield Portable to talk to each other and I have Hyperspin steaming on my Shield now but there's just enough lag that it makes some games annoying (Super Mario on the NES for example). I'd love to have a portable Hyperspin system but is it even possible and has anyone ever attempted it? I've seen small builds but nothing handheld with built in controller and screen setup. Any ideas out there?
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