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  1. I was there. Had fun. Played woz and stuff. Seemed that the virtual machines wernt getting much love the second day. Picked up a jackbot for myself.
  2. No Problem! Here is a link to the app in my dropbox. If one doesnt work try the other. https://www.dropbox.com/s/q41bppzi1crjjpp/DXTweak2%20%28x32%29.exe https://www.dropbox.com/s/q41bppzi1crjjpp/DXTweak2%20%28x32%29.exe
  3. Using dxtweaktool you can tweak the center point for the nudge. This may fix your issue
  4. Don't the nanotech and sidewinder use the exact same chip? If so then it should be the same. I for one couldnt get the sidewinder to nudge right and went with a ps3 controller hack. It worked out. I have now gotten a nanotech (for the plunger) and will give the nudge config a try again. My friend has their nanotech nudging pretty realistically. On that topic, in videos it seems most people set their nudge way too high. It is like they have not ever played on a real pinball machine before. To get the amount of nudge that I have seen in various nudge demo videos i would certainly tilt, even on my machines that I have the tilt bob set rather generously on.
  5. i still have not gotten mine working perfect. it works well enough i suppose.
  6. Here are mine Siemens Contactor 3RT1016-1BB41
  7. it works ok. sometimes it goes in the wrong direction and sometimes it is too sensitive. i think i just need to tweak it more...
  8. well i tested it and it worked. i had nudging, kinda... the problem was the table appeared to be tilted up and to the right. i calibrated a few times but still had the issue. disabled nudging after that. also is there a way that you can add jolt to keys? i assume the 100% gain is the accelerometer gain. is this a % of the gain that the table has? edit: guess this should really go on vpforums for your build. will post it in there as well.
  9. cool, thanks! can you then set up a little guide for how to set up nudging? i have not been able to find any info. also where is your thread for the custom build?
  10. OK so I tossed everything in my cab to play a bit. Couldn't resist... Anyways I couldn't get analog nudging working at all. Again it works if I actually tilt the controller but not when it just gets bumped. Is there a setup guide that I am missing here? Really wish I could nudge. Sent from my Galaxy Nexus
  11. great! i will make a temporary version that reads from an ini for people to use till it is out. hopefully this gets captured.
  12. is development still ongoing for visualpinball? in the interim i could do it as an ini. I would be willing to contribute to the project in some capacity. I would like to see another controller type added like the pbw but with no buttons assigned. That way every gamepad could be assigned as that and pbw compatibility wouldnt be broken.
  13. I am lazy, would probably just do it with an ini file. easier on me and the people that would be using it should be able to understand it. will have to find time to see if it is possible. i am sure it is though... edit: looking at the source here at work it looks like it will be pretty simple. will probably do this unless someone can see a reason not to.
  14. +1. Maybe i will make it a config file option so that people could just edit a file. same with mechanical plunger. dont see why that isnt always enabled even if the table doesnt support it.
  15. good to know. once the sweet spot is found is there a reason to set it per table? i mean if it isnt different on each table then maybe i will just hardcode it into a compile.
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