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  1. HyperPin has some troubles with the new exclusive fullscreen mode of VPX. Some tables work, at most it's switched to the table but immediately switched back to HP. Windows 7 SP1 here. Any solution for this?
  2. Can somebody explain what the menu "More Games" does and if I can start other games than FP and VP how to integrate them into HP?
  3. That's why forums are often jammed - a simple answer would be enough and not posting the 7th message for the same thing and getting nowhere... I'll try the main forum.
  4. This is the HyperPIN cabinet forum. So I'm right here.
  5. Problem solved - it was the new focus preferences. Just saw this in the version history but not described on page 1!
  6. And what's the option "Other Games"?
  7. I'm just curious: I want to start other games than pinball by HyperPin (would certainly nice to play Crysis 3 or such on a big screen cabinet). I found a menu entry for "Other Games". How can I do that? Thank you for any help! C
  8. Will there ever be an option that shows the last game loaded on startup? If I always play the same table for some days it's annoying that I have to scroll though many tables to get there...
  9. I was just playing around with a link of Future Pinball.exe. First I tried simply to select the minimize option in the properties - which was not working first time I tried. The window was "normal" and not "minimized" as selected when I started it. Then I tried to deselect the WinXP SP3 compatibility mode and the run as admin option - only one time it worked. After starting Future Pinball the second time, the window was not minimized anymore. I was only playing around with these options and suddenly it worked! I must admit that I did not open the Future Pinball regular editor window again as I think as soon as I do that the minimize on startup would not work anymore. So let's see how long this will work! Why this very very strange behavior of Windows 7???? The screen.bmp is really black! Interesting. This is a driver thing only? I'm using one of the latest driver versions as I had some graphic glitches in Future Pinball with other/older drivers which were totally gone with 306.97! Can you tell me the page where this is discussed? Nevertheless I have a good starting point to investigate! Thank you for the great info! As for the freezes: All exe's are in native mode (hyperpin, fplaunch, ultravp, hglass), except FuturePinball.exe and VPinball.exe. Only these two use the XP compatibility mode and the run as admin option (I think visual designs are also disabled). It's interesting that if I do not use these options, even more distortions than only the editor window appear while starting Future Pinball! Is it ok to have these two exe's (FP and VP) with compatibility mode or are these two settings also killing HyperPin after some time?
  10. Thank you for your help! I wonder how to set the startup-mode to minimized!? I thought is is only possible when using a link (but this link won't be started by your script)? Please explain - I think this should solve my problems with FP! Or do you think that something other could be wrong with my installed FP? Are there any hidden settings? How could printscreen be broken? And the better question would be how to repair it if it is broken!? Do you think this has something to do with the window handling of Windows 7? Maybe the windows are not drawn on the right layer and the screenshot is made from the wrong layer? But how can I change that behavior? I read at another forum thread (do not remember where at the moment) that a change in your script how to handle the windows could repair some strange behavior. I think it even was a post from you, but I do not find it anymore. Can you bring some light into my darkness here? And as written in my last post, exiting from FP sometimes result in a freeze of HyperPin. FP exits and HyperPin appears as always but it's frozen - no video playback, no reaction to key input. I can only use Ctrl+Alt+Del to enter the Taskmanager and force quit all running apps (or pressing the power button on my cabinet so that Windows is shutting down). This does not happen in VP but only in FP. These freezes occure at a friends cabinet with the same hardware configuration, too! So this is no single case... Thanks and keep on doing your great stuff!
  11. OK, I'm using "e" instead of "ESC" now. It really seems to work much better! No more weird problems when pressing the exit button! I also noticed that somehow my pinmame.dll was overwritten with the non-cabinet version - I replaced the .dll file with the cabinet-version of it and now I do not see the splash screen anymore. So all is working well now! I still have two problems when using FuturePinball-tables: 1) It happens that when starting a FP-table, the editor window of FP could be seen in the background (between HyperPin frontend and the "please wait" display). Can this be hidden in some way? 2) The graphics right under the exit menu (when I press "e" for menu/pause) is black instead of the graphics of the table in the background. Is there a way to fix this glitch? I still do not understand the thing with AHK: When I'm using the compiled exe of FPLaunch only I do not need to install AHK 1.048.05, right? Using Win7 x64 here! Edit: Enclosed two pictures of the two problems I have with FuturePinball. Edit2: After some trial and error I noticed that FP freezes HyperPin now and then after pressing the exit button (in my case "e") short and exit via menu or long with the countdown. After the freeze I can only use the taskmanager to kill all tasks. This is not good for a cabinet...
  12. But I have the cabinet version of pinmame installed! Can I use "e" (or "p") for both VP and FP to exit/show the exit menu? Interesting that the latest ahk version is not fully compatible - I did not notice any problem with the script itself. Is ahk 104805 compatible with Win7 x64?
  13. I have a problem with ESC and P (both opens the same window but the result is different): If I press the ESC key the same menu appears as with "P" - this is clear. But when I press "P" I can continue playing after selecting "Back", when I press the "ESC" key the same menu appears but I can not continue playing as the Visual Pinball menu (with the three choices) appears and I can not select anything (should be able to press "R"esume). In this case I have to press ALT+Tab to change to the Visual Pinball Player, then it works. But I can only do that with the PC keyboard. How can this problem be solved? Moreover I see the PinMAME splash screen appearing right under the "loading table"-animation. How can this be hidden? Thanx for any info! Edit: Is there a reason why AutoHotKey should be used and not the latest version
  14. I just added your script and I like it! Thank you for your hard work! On first start it behaved a little bit strange on my Win7 64bit system but now it seems to be ok. Only three things: 1) I can not select "Instruction Card" - an error message appears "Function Name: "Menu" Error COM Object may not be a valid Dispatch Object!". What can I do? 2) As soon as I press the exit button I can not go back to the table - but I see a "Back" menu option!? As soon as I select this "Back" menu option I only see the small window "Paused - Quit to Editor, Debug Window, Resume Game" - but I can press nothing. I can only select "Exit" in the menu and start the table again. 3) An error message appear when exiting HyperPin: a component "flash.ocx" is missing. What to do? I have no internet connection for the Pinball PC. So everthing has to be installed manually...
  15. OK, but you have to be very skilful and exact, all in all you have to know what you are doing very very well, and not to be clumsy at all. It looks like you are half cabinetmaker (hihi!), half professional designer and half pro electrician - hey! - that's one and a half! I have to admit that without the help of a friend of mine who is a master of engineering I would never be in the position to do the electronic stuff you have in your machine... Nevertheless I would like to thank you that you posted that many pictures, that you created a ingenious faq (for your last machine) and that you are an inspiring example what can be done!
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