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  1. Hey people! I am searching for some awesome ARCADE STYLE game names =) I'm building an arcade machine and first off I got to fix my HS to work (nearly done) but I want some awesome games for an arcade machine. The machine will be a two player machine with 1 joystick + 8 buttons per player. Could someone give me some good names and the console names with it? Till now I got this set up: N64, NES, SNES, Sega GENESIS. But I want to set up other consoles aswell if they give me the oppotunity to have some awesome arcade style games! Thx in adv =D
  2. Well as I said, in my case it was because of a corrupt image that I downloaded myself from internet. But after replacing it, the picture showed up and did not stop the wheel spinning anymore
  3. Hello people, Today I got a weird problem.. When I go into the SNES sub wheel. Every time I search for a game or something, I just spin up or down and every time the wheel stops responding when I hit the game "Super Punch Out". From there the wheel freezes on that game and no matter what you press, it won't do anything anymore.. (Pressing enter tells me I don't have the ROM tho.. but I don't want it.) Does anyone know how to fix this?.. Help would be appreciated. (Sorry for my bad grammer, just woke up..) EDIT: I found out that it does NOT happen when I remove the wheel image for Super Metroid ( Super Metroid (Japan, USA) ) But I want that to be in there .. Also the image does not show up.. Found it out already.. I just used another picture .. lol .. And idk how to remove this post so I just put this here..
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