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  1. Been away for a while, birth of our third daughter and I've been messing around with Attract Mode on my pi3...and MAN does it feel good to be back with Hyperspin! Site looks great and I need to get reacquainted!
  2. I was about to build, then I stopped into Goodbytes, the Goodwill's used PC store and picked up a i5 3.3ghz, Nvidia 630GT for $229 Not getting me to the moon, but it's running Tatio TypeX and Dolphin no problem. All of Hyperspin runs SO smooth. I don't plan on going into current (or slightly previous) gen systems so its working great for me.
  3. TravCar

    Hyperspin Wiki?

    Does anyone know if this is still a thing? It seems to be a bit of a Unicorn. I've heard people reference it, I even saw a screen shot of it! From what I've gathered it "went down" at some point. Did it migrate somewhere else? or change form into something different?
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