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  1. Seems I'm mixing people. Hi ukdesigner, If you have a problem please tell me, if I could be of help.

  2. Hi volumetric! sorry for not answering, didn't read the private messages at my hype account. Thanks for your help and files. It worked for me. It is really a pleasure seeing these old games runing again. I have WHD running. Thanks a lot for it. Later, I also tried to modify the hyperlaunch script to load a special J-pac (=control board interface) profile before starting winuaeloader. But I didn't manage. In fact I don't now, how to define a cmd instruction in this ahk file. By the way, it is really handy to use this hyperlaunch file with this modification:


    ;************************************************* ********

    ;Commodore Amiga

    else if (executable = "winuaeloader.exe")



    Hotkey, %exitEmulatorKey%, CloseProcess

    Run, %Executable% -mode whdload

    -game "%romPath%%romName%%romExtension%" , %EmuPath%, Hide UseErrorLevel

    Process, WaitClose, winuaeloader.exe



    If a game is not present in the whdload.xml file, but is

    available in the hyperspin xml file, your hyperspin will not freeze

    after clicking it.

    Bye, Dirk.

  3. Great work on the new Genre system ! :D Love it

  4. Hey man, just responded in the thread

  5. Hey dude, Im gonna try n help u sort ya amiga emulation out... Ive been trying to get mine going 4eva :( So comfusing!!!

  6. Hey man, could you please give us some of your wisdom here please?

    We are so stuck :(



  7. Hello there,

    Just to let you know... the name for the theme you made

    "Dragon Blaze - dragonblz-ashurax(20100307) (2.53 MB)"

    The rom name is actually spelt "dragnblz"

    This theme wouldnt work with most people who download it unless the "O" is removed from your title.

    Nice work btw!


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