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  1. Hi Reznnate, thanks for the prompt reply. Unfortunately I've been doing it as you suggest all weekend and it simply doesn't work, I've, tried Gameboy, Gameboy Advance, Snes, Nes, Atari 2600, start Hyperspin, load game, configure Retroarch, make sure per-core settings is on, exit game and everything is back to defaults. Driving me nuts.
  2. Hi guys, hoping someone might be able to offer a clue how to fix this problem - so I can set up RetroArch no problem on its own, I've configured my gamepad, set a different bezel for each core, set up custom viewport sizes for each bezel etc., all works perfectly, however if I start a game in Hyperspin then bring up the Retroarch settings and configure everything the same way it reverts to default settings as soon as I exit Retroarch. I can't see why it doesn't work, I've turned per-core settings on, I've set it to save settings on exit etc., but it goes back to default settings every time I exit. Thanks for any ideas.
  3. warpig

    Hyperspin Wiki?

    Hey guys, can anybody tell me why every page on the Hyperspin wiki has no content, the URL's work fine but the pages are blank when you go there.
  4. Hi kamikaze, I have been watching your horizontal Hyperspin themes on Youtube and I think they are amazing, is there any chance you might share the psd for the glossy covers and a quick how-to? Would really appreciate it if you could, thank you and hope to see more of your work soon.

    Regards, warpig. [email protected]

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