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  1. That is exactly the sort of thing I was looking for. but I didn't find it. If there is such a thread, then shouldn't it be pinned?
  2. No, I don't think launchbox is dead because it's being updated regularly. Hyperspin doesn't appear to be. I don't understand your point, what has the artwork got to do with it.? Although the hyperspin community is certainly not dead, their is still a lot of user content created. It would good if that user content were to be organised in the hypersync database and the ftp site to make it more accessible. I'm sure it was once but it never seems to be updated anymore.
  3. I have been looking at Launchbox and it appears to have constant updates and videos, There doesn't seem to be the same activity with Hyperspin, even user made content doesn't seem to be ever added to the database for hypersync. The ftp site seems to be mostly unsorted. So my question is, is Hyperspin dying?, I hope not, because It is a great frontend, and I have invested a lot of time configuring it.
  4. Ok, I solved this. In case anyone else gets problems like this, the fix was to delete the %AppData%\HyperSync\settings.ini file. This gives you a clean start with the hypersync settings.
  5. I just tried this, but it made no difference
  6. Thanks, In the post I just typed the names but in Hyperspin ( Rocketlauncher) I always do a copy/paste of the system names from the Rocketlauncherui/medi/icons folder so they should be named correctly.
  7. A few systems are giving the message , Will not be synced due to malformed database. Bandai Wonderswan, Bandai Wonderswan Color,Commodore 16, Sega Sg1000, Nintendo SuperGameboy, Vtech CreateVision, SNK NeoGeo Pocket, Tiger Game.com, Watara SuperVision, Zinc, Atari 5200, SNK Neo Geo pocket Color, All give this error. I've downloaded the databases manually, but still get the error. All the systems appear to work ok in Rocketlauncher and Hyperspin. Are these databases actually malformed on the hyperspin site or do I have something wrong with my setup. Thanks
  8. Trying to sync AtariST box art and game wheels, When I change the settings to 'on' in hypersync, it doesn't download any files. When I go back to settings, these settings have changed back to 'off'. In the download section both box art and game wheels are there to be downloaded, So why isn't hypersync downloading them. Lots of other stuff downloaded ok, but I'm trying to understand what is available using Hypersync, and what must be downloaded manually. also If I go to emumovies, although there are no game videos, I can download the box art no problem.
  9. Sorry, my bad, I was not implying this site sold roms. I really meant some users of hyperspin have many thousands of roms, that were created as commercial products and copyrighted. some of these roms may not have been obtained legitimately.
  10. Sorry if my post confused you, just trying to give both sides of the argument, and my reasoning for buying the drive. If they did everything that they said they did,(which they don't), I believe they have a right to charge for their work. Using the media created by others is morally similar to us using many thousands of roms, ( Which I'm sure not everybody paid for all of them.) In spite of these points Even at the price I paid, I don't believe it was value for money. so yes, as you say, I was conned. I was trying to help others to not make the same mistake.
  11. I bought a 5tb hyperspin drive, so i thought I would share my experience There is a lot of criticism on these forums, but it does appear to me to be biased. First to criticize someone for making money on someone else's work when you are doing the same thing seems hypocritical ( or do you really own 60000 games) Also, they are adding value by collecting all of the roms and media and configuring it, so isn't it reasonable to expect some payment for this work. Now to my drive:- I didn't pay $450 for it, I paid £150 got it from Gumtree uk. A 5tb drive costs about £110 so I paid £40 for the hyperspin. I don't think I got value for money. I don't know if it was a copy of one of Chris Upchurch drives, I couldn't tell anyway now because there is very little left of the original drive. I thought even if the configuration is bad, I at least have the roms, because to download 5tb of roms with my internet connection would take forever. and I do have the knowhow to rebuild it. as long as I have the roms and media. but. 1 The configuration was an old version of Hyperspin. used Hyperlaunch not Rocketlauncher, so it all needed to be reinstalled and reconfigured 2 The emulators were mostly configured ok with all bios files, but they were generally old versions, that I replaced anyway with retroarch. 3 Media, video was flv files not mp4, 4 Most roms were not named as the XML database. This is not too big a problem for most roms but CD images with cue and bin files are a pain to rename 5 No rom sets were complete, as was no media. I have gradually replaced almost every romset that came on that drive, (thanks to PD 12 days of christmas) because although it takes ages to download romsets, it is still easier than renaming or finding missing roms. I replaced all videos using emumovies, again, because it is easier than trying to fix the drive, I have kept a lot of the wheels from the drive and am filling in the gaps from here, but I will probably sign up here eventually So from my experience, I would say, Don't waste your money on one of these drives, almost everything you get on them you will probably discard. It would be good if someone could give an honest review of a relatively new bought drive.
  12. If it's a big drive you may want to use RichCopy. In case something goes wrong you can restart and set it to copy only stuff that isn't already on the target, or is older on the target.
  13. Is no-one else having this problem,? Is there another tool I could use? I have the tosec apple 2 roms and I want to rename them to match the official hyperbase Apple 2 database.
  14. I'm trying to clean up my rom list using official XML databases and Don's HyperSpin Tools to rename my roms to correspond to the xml. but, I find that for a lot of systems Dons renamer is unable to read the XML database. My latest attempt is with apple II. I get a message about key already added, were you using rom2xml. I tried editing the xml and changed all the & to &amp, but it still doesn't work. Is there any way of fixing these xml files. Thanks
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