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  1. Guys I do not have a Diagram of my Port Assignment on my LEDWIZ which is not Good when im trying to use the LEDWiz Config tool and on the default 32 port setup I cant set any of them to generate a LEdControl.ini Is there a way I can figure this out Via Software? All of the tables in the past have worked but most of the new tables I need to setup myself, Thanks Guys.
  2. Congrats!! Everything looks awesome, and if i can chime in MAMEMAN is the best! He has helped me with my troubles via Email and Phone I have his Twilight Zone build sitting about 4 feet from me in my office.
  3. Hi Guys my Cabinet has been playing perfectly for a longtime and noticed some of the re-releases of older tables require a newer version of Visual Pinball, Do i just download the stand alone 9.1.5 exe and replace my older exe ( should i rename the new version to match my older working version ? ) Thanks guys!! Im hoping having to redo everthing and thought that might work.
  4. I will donate, On a Side note BIG THANKS TO MAMEMAN for all his contributions!!!!
  5. Mad PROPS!!!! I just finished my First Cabinet last year and im ready to build another one after seeing this.
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