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  1. I'm new around here, still working on getting my cabinet built and far from the developer I wish I was when it comes to adding functionality, but had a thought this morning that I don't know if it's been thought of before or not. PAPA has been churning out a ton of great videos of top down tutorials, game play, and tournament play. And with their successful kickstarter, hopefully there will be a LOT more to come. But the videos they make are all in a portrait format that would be awesome if displayed on a playfield monitor that's already set up for such a thing. I just wonder if there would be a way to set up some sort of RSS feed that could pull in the links to the videos from here: http://pinball.org/videos/gameplay-videos/ and be able to watch them full screen. I didn't plan on having my machine set up with internet access, but I could be persuaded for something like this.
  2. It all sort of depends on the guy playing and how long he's been doing it. I've been collecting pins for 10 years. I currently have 22 pins and I think I'm one of the few that has accepted virtual pinball. Certainly, I accept it for what it is. it's not the same as real pinball, but that's not to say that it's not fun. I'm currently building my first machine and I'm excited as hell to get it up and running, but I can't say I'm all that excited to show it off to my pinball buddies (some of whom have been collecting for over two decades and make my collection seem paltry) because I know most of them are going to turn their noses up at it. It's never going to replace my collection of real machines, but I do think it's a fantastic way to augment the collection. The way I see it, I can't own them all, no matter how much I want to. I don't have the money, and even if I did, I don't have the space. And even if I did have the money and space, I'd still have to hire an army of people to maintain them for me. Not so once I get my VP cab done.
  3. I'm not looking for a full cabinet solution. I'd rather have a large cabinet side sized decal (maybe 3' long) die cut with the hyperpin logo. I'm using a repurposed Slugfest cab, so it's odd dimensions in just about every way imaginable. Do you have those and what might a set of something like that run? Alternatively, I wouldn't mind taking the Hyperpin logo and adding a few "flourishes" to it but still the same idea, just two identical decals die cut to be applied over a base paint coat. Does anyone have a good Hyperpin logo graphic to start with? is there one here on the site anywhere that I've just not found?
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