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  1. earlier i installed multiple versions of mame testing the `hiscore` problem. I found that without compiling my own then using any of the UI versions (such as Mameui32 etc) i ran into no highscore saving. I did however find Mameuifx32 which when coupled with a hiscore.dat in the mame folder worked fine inside of hyperspin. I had been looking into your problem for you Personally i`d take an alternative mame to an alternative Hyperspin ANYDAY. Sorry to interrupt your thread Fyrecrypts.
  2. For anyone experiencing problems who can`t be bothered to recompile or are unsure what they are doing and just want to `play it safe` just do a search for mameuifx and a search for hiscore.dat and voila! (this is confirmed working within hyperspin with highscore support). Compiling your own though really is the best way to do it. Im seeing multiple threads concerning highscore support etc and fyrecrypts is perfectly right, we all will help when we can. Just because you havent received a quick or immediate response it does`nt mean your being ignored. In a majority of cases peoples questions are answered within minutes - the key = patience.
  3. Ya dude, I just checked it out the other day and commented in your thread, all i have to say is Amazing work man, are you interested for hire for a custom HS intro?

  4. Hi BBB someone just created this hyperspin intro, you really should check it out.

  5. hiya bill, Ive been following the progress of hyperspin, hypertheme etc with great anticipation and i just wanted to say - GREAT WORK. I have a question regarding the Daphne Emulator that im hoping you may be able to answer. In a previous post you mentioned a programme called Hyperlaunch which would solve the problem i am having. My question is, is it available yet or is it still in the Beta testing stage? thanks in advance and keep up the superb work. Everything you guys are doing concerning this frontend is hugely appreciated by the community, especially myself. Thankyou

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