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  2. Version 20100224


    Amstrad GX4000 3D Box Pack-bwheble
  3. Version 20110224


    Amstrad GX4000 2D Box Pack-bwheble
  4. Halfaworldaway, Could you also make those without the border? It seems that it may not be too much work to leave a set without borders. Thanks
  5. THK,

    Just a note to let you know that your work is incredible and I was also wondering about some of the themes that you have in your album folder. Are they available? or Are they still a work in progress? If they are available would you mind uploading them to the ftp or providing a link if at all possible - I really like the main systems themes etc..

  6. Kamikaze,

    Any chance on getting your ps2 and wii themes. Truly awesome!

  7. Here is the dvd boxart for sega saturn usa and pal. Please name these according to the darkwater standard.


  8. wow, your stuff is awesome. Got a question though... what program do you use to make your boxart spin... I know it's a swf file - Hoping I might be able to start doing that kind of work.

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