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  1. Thanks for your message @BiZzAr721 You only write a mistake, like we can see on your compatibility list, on PI we have two OpenBOR version, one for the old games, 3400 and one of the last build for the newest games the 6315 My list in development is here : https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1h2c9Aa_s6rGUejR0AiZgx29byNBWBReW5PK30bZcago/edit?usp=sharing Like he write, i search for help for this part of my project ... I know i will do it, i already do it for 3DO, Daphne, PCE-CD, a big part of the NES, JAGUAR, ... but it's long and on OpenBOR there is nothing for help, i must create all the stuff from scratch 😛 You can found my mail on GIT, on write me on Google Docs Thanks every one for your work here, some time i have use a part of it and it same me many days of work ❤️ You are one of the best community ever !!!
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