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  1. Hi Nexus, thanks for the info buddy! more in keeping with what I was kinda looking for! Im not looking for that many systems, probably about 40-50 but not after every ROM possible. i'll probably end up chopping out what I don't want, then just create a new XML using hypertools! So I think i'll be able to squeeze everything I want onto my 3TB drive. Thanks to everyone for their comments, they're all much appreciated!
  2. thanks for the replies guys. will probably have to DL the disc based consoles sets one at a time then hack it to pieces to just get the core of quality titles im looking for!
  3. hi guys!! Just wondering what size of HD's you guys are using to contain your setups? im not a completionist by any manner of means, I don't want to just have every rom & every system just for the sake of it. I'm an '80s kid so my first foray was the C64 then an Amiga 600 so for me they're absolutely necessary, then things like the Megadrive and Snes as well old cartridge based systems whch aren't overly mem heavy. I guess the biggest problem is obviously the CD based sytems. I would like to have Dreamcast, Saturn, Ps1, Ps2, Xbox & Gamecube as well as the regular MAME, TypeX, Naomi, CPS etc I guess what im really asking is what are the minimum space requirements for the cream games of each system? if anyone could find their way to a rough answer i'd be much obliged!! I guess I should add I have a 3TB WD drive set aside for my project which will also house my XBMC setup running through HS. is that large enough? I cant be the only person who is of a mind to just have the must have games for each system can I? If this is in the wrong place I apologise profusely, I planted it here incase anyone could give suggestions for specific sites and sets that would help me out. currently signed up to Bitgamer & PD although i am having trouble actually building up a ratio on PD that would allow me to actually DL anything decent! Thanks in advance guys!
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