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  1. Looks great but is there any easy way to find all of the pages that I had in my browser favourites. Steve
  2. You really are a perfectionist! Approx. how many hours have you spent on this so far? If I win the lottery I'll commission you to make one for me. Steve
  3. All great but I prefer the "Hyperspin" vocal at the end like the original. Steve
  4. I wish I had half of the vision that you have, I wouldn't have known where to start or even what I would want to build. Steve
  5. Look great, I'm sure she was happy with it. Just a couple of questions, what are the specs of the motherboard & cpu and looking at the "What's inside" picture what is the yellow coloured board at the top right and the grey/black thing between the power supply and the motherboard? Steve
  6. This thread gets weirder and weirder:hmmmm: Steve
  7. Not me. I wouldn't even know what end of a saw to hold!!! Steve
  8. Me too, wish my French was better. The Newlix is nice as well, I'll be interested in your progress. Steve
  9. Just booked tickets for myself and my grandson on the Sunday. Hope it's as good as they say it's gonna be. Thanks for pointing this out, hadn't heard of it until now. Steve
  10. You must live in a really good area for Gum tree. There's only a few computer parts advertised around here and they're asking ridiculous prices for them. Maybe I'll have to spread my net wider. Steve
  11. Signed up on the 11th but still waiting for code for EmuMovies discount. I have Monday and Tuesday off work and was hoping to use that time on HyperSync. Steve
  12. I signed up and requested a code a few days ago but I haven't received it yet, is there a problem? Steve
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