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  1. That's what I'm saying, why do you think the game count on my MAME databases is so small. I don't remove "games that are junk" as that's subjective, what you think is junk might be some other guy's golden bar.
  2. Thanks Circo. Why do you think I go through the trouble of releasing a MAME XML on each release?
  3. Ice Hockey goes into Hockey. You're right about Spinner, it shouldn't be there, but somehow it never got deleted from HL. So yeah ignore Spinner from that list.
  4. 269 downloads

    The official best database for Sega SG-1000 made by Brolly.
  5. Correct genre listing: Action Adventure Ball & Paddle Beat-'Em-Up Board Games Breakout Card Battle Casino Climbing Compilation Driving Educational Electromechanical - PinMAME Fighter Flying Game Show Gun Mahjong Mature Maze Mini-Games Miscellaneous Motorcycle Multimedia Party Pinball Platform Puzzle Quiz Rhythm Role-Playing Shoot-'Em-Up Shooter Simulation Spinner Sports Sports/Baseball Sports/Basketball Sports/Biking Sports/Bowling Sports/Boxing Sports/Cricket Sports/Fishing Sports/Football Sports/Futuristic Sports/Golf Sports/Handball Sports/Hockey Sports/Horse Racing Sports/Hunting Sports/Olympic Sports/Pool and Dart Sports/Rugby Sports/Skateboarding Sports/Skating Sports/Skiing Sports/Snowboarding Sports/Soccer Sports/Surfing Sports/Tennis Sports/Track & Field Sports/Volleyball Sports/Wakeboarding Sports/Wrestling Strategy Tabletop Utility Virtual Life Water
  6. Yep, we should be getting those as separate fields for HS2.0 if that ever happens.
  7. We = The Hyperlist admins, the guys who actually create the databases. As I said this won't be changed, if you want stuff like number of players or control types to be added you need to ask BBB to add support for some extra fields in HS so it can be done properly. Plus those genres wouldn't be compatible with HS2.0 if that ever gets released.
  8. Two Players isn't a genre neither is Trackball or Spinner, so it makes no sense to include them as genres. This has been discussed to death already and it was decided to remove them (not even sure where Two Players came from because it was never part of the old genre list...), officially the genre tag will only contain genres and nothing else. Everyone is free to edit their XML files and use whatever they want on the genres of course.
  9. No, it's not seems to have other mistakes like a "Two Players" genre which also doesn't exist. And I only gave both listings a quick look. I'll try to get you a correct genre list.
  10. Not sure where you got that genre list from iggy, but some of those like Spinner or Trackball aren't part of the official genre list.
  11. brolly

    Atari ST

    Nope that won't work, you need the Hatari module. Problem with using RetroArch is that while you can probably get away using it with console based systems when it comes to PC based ones they will always need a lot of settings and this would basically require every single module to be rewritten inside the RetroArch module which would soon become a huge mess. Just check the complexity of modules like WinVICE, WinUAE or Hatari and you can see how complex things would become if you merged them all together not to mention the nightmare that would be maintaining such a module, it would be basically returning to the HyperLaunch 1.0 days with a single huge script.
  12. lol yeah I'd like to think so as well ^^ I'm guessing you also didn't read all posts from that thread.
  13. This is wrong, RLUI (not RL) requires .NET 4.0 only so you should be fine running it on XP.
  14. Yes, it's called alternate emulators in RocketLauncher.
  15. Great news, always nice to see one more game properly preserved!
  16. That's why you should use HyperHQ instead of editing them manually.
  17. By default it will compile both into the same executable, but you can still compile them into different ones if you want to. You could already have both as the same executable (UME) it was just not supported officially.
  18. Sorry, but I have no XML for the Mac stuff yet and will be a long time before I work in any of those. What XML are you using? I'm guessing it might be based on some specific rom set so most likely will be for one of the 3 machines only, but would need to have a look at it and see for myself.
  19. Try to see if the sync guys can fix it, don't see why a dot would cause issues other than a bug that might be easily fixed?
  20. Found a few wrong names: Apogey BK-01 --> Apogee BK-01 Apple Mac OS --> Should be 3 systems: Apple Macintosh 68k | Apple Macintosh Plus | Apple Macintosh PowerPC Atari 8-bit --> Atari 8-Bit Commodore 16 --> Commodore 16 & Plus4 e-AMUSEMENT --> Konami e-AMUSEMENT Elektronika BK 0011 --> Elektronika BK Examu Ex-Board --> Examu eX-BOARD Interton VC4000 --> Interton VC 4000 Matra Alice 32 --> Matra & Hachette Alice Microsoft MSX Laserdisc --> Pioneer Palcom Laserdisc Microsoft MSX2 Plus --> Microsoft MSX2+ Sinclair ZX-81 --> Sinclair ZX81 Tandy Color Computer 3 --> Tandy TRS-80 Color Computer Texas Instruments TI-994A --> Texas Instruments TI 99-4A Tiger Game Com --> Tiger Game.com Vector-06c --> Vector-06C
  21. It wasn't a false positive at all there was a threat on it which apparently has been fixed a couple months back, still I'm not taking any chances. I'll check that list thanks.
  22. Then I guess I'm off then. Not going to override a security issue just to check a list of system names.
  23. I'm not toucing with the security alert in there, that's just it. I know the URL.
  24. If someone sends me a list of system names I'll validate them, I can't access HyperList. I can already see one that's wrong though: Commodore 16 --> Commodore 16 & Plus4.
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