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  1. Merci beaucoup, j'ai vu mais comme je suis tatillon, en faisant les jaquettes 3D, j'ai vu des défauts dans les couleurs (normal, JSInn a déjà fait les effets et a eu l'amabilité de m'envoyer les originaux en PSD). j'ai corrigé les défauts et fait mes propres jaquettes. je ferai pareil pour les thèmes que pou la wheel
  2. Hi Bungles, Fizen gave me a flash script that upscaled quality in 1080p and resize in 16:9 in one and it works like a charm. swf has definitly better quality than png... Now, I will do all the themes I've dreamed of... Best regards,
  3. Hello Bungles, Thanks for the answer. I tested something very interesting...No resizing of the picture (except 16:9) and quality stay good. I think I have to find another way to reduce the size of the 3D boxes artworks than Photoshop to keep quality...
  4. Hello, This the kind of theme that I'd like todo in16:9. This is the original PSD file linked. Qulaity is much better. 007 - Nightfire (France).psd007 - Nightfire (France).psd This is the png that I got resized from the PSD for the Artwork 3 (3D box) 007 - Nightfire (France).psd007 - I see that there are more and more swf files for artworks. I've heard that quality is better than a png file. What is a simple way with Adobe Illustrator to convert png artwroks in swf artowrks to save quality of those artworks? Thanks and regards,
  5. Thanks Bungles, I'll try this script. Now I see in the script that it is about bmp. Is it he same with png? thanks and regards,
  6. Hi Bungles, I'm using Photoshop and resize of 25%. Artworks have good size but quality is not as good. maybe a good idea to convert in flash? I've heard that it prevents to lose quality... Thanks and regards,
  7. Bonjour, Je me demandais comment conserver la qualité des png créés avec Photoshop pour faire les Artworks (boitiers DVD 2D ou 3D) dans les themes. Hyperspin à tendance à légèrement agrandir la taille par rapport à ce qui est affiché sur l'écran dans Photoshop et avec une perte de qualité.... J'ai entendu qu'en convertissant en flash, il n'y a pas de perte de qualité. Quelq'un a déjà essayé? ne peut-on preserver la qualité en png? Merci ,
  8. Hi, First of all, you have to look on the web for really great size pictures and only do a filter on it. When you print it for the cab, it will be a very huge image so there is a risk loosing quality. Then you have also to think if the control players will represent something particular (on my DBZ cab, I wanted each player a specific character). Hope it can help.
  9. Yep, I prefer to play video games on my television and arcade games on my cab.....
  10. Hi, every system handled by Rockerlauncher. But I have one version on my personal computer with all video games and the cab with Mame, Naomi and Atomiswave
  11. Hi, yes Hyperspin is fully set up with 50.000 games
  12. That's right, I took about 4 months to do this one. I guess there are busy on other cabs meanwhile....
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