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  1. doohan

    Demul 0.7 PAL 50Hz

    Bonjour, Sur Demul 0.58, les jeux PAL tournent à 50hz. Sur Demul 0.7, les jeux PAL tournent à 60hz, la vidéo (trop rapide) est désynchronysée du son. Qq'un a-t-il une idée comment forcer les jeux PAL en 50Hz? Auto Region et AUto Boradcast sélectionnés. Merci,
  2. Thanks to everyone, Problem solved ? I've updated my cab with the extrenal HDD files updated from RL but still without result. I downloaded version agent47 of the MAME.ahk + set the 7z files to FALSE and now the games are running on Mame 0218 mikea213 version.
  3. I made a lot of progress. I've downloaded and installed RL on my PC and updated it. I set the same settings, same module and same emulator that on my cab and well, games are launched. The only difference I see is that the module is interpreted as "2.3.10" on my cab and as 2.3.10 on my pc. This is the warning on the log on myc pc to compare with the one of my cab but it worked. As I cannot update my cab because in a separate room without connexion, which files should I copy from my pc on my cab to make run the same way? Thank you,
  4. Thanks to the MAME64 0218 and module 0212 version of mikea213, MAME seems to launch correctly now but it’s not launching the game. By asking a log, I get this : Think the problem is in the last 4 lines mentionning 7z. Seems to be a problem with the path or name of the roms… If anyone has an idea, it will be greatful. ?
  5. Some updates, If I select system MAME / Module / Module 2.3.7 and I ask to launch the emulator, it succeeds. So it's ratther the game that cannot be launched correctly. I've downloaded the 2.3.10 ahk version but it's in red with those 2 errors: Invalid CRC, module might have been tampered Invalid ISD CRC, ISD file might have been tampered...
  6. Thanks Creezz67, Think it's due to module indeed. I have stil hte module 166. Where can I find the new one? Thanks and regards,
  7. Hello, I've set everything in RL for the MAME 0.216 version but when launch a game in Hyperspin, in place of laucnhing the game, I get this screen (see attachment 1.jpg). When I click on exit, I get MAME (see attachment 2.jpg) but the game is not launched. Has anyone an idea? Thanks and regards,
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