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  1. Hey @r0man0 thx for this. tried it out today to generate a working 0.191 list. Would it be possible to have an option to generate parent rom lists. 

    Also to be able to toggle "Working parent list", "All Parent List" or even generate a "Manufacturers parent list", "genre parent list" ect.

    or does it do that already and I missed that option? Anyhow great little app thank you very much.

  2. did anyone else have issue's unzipping this ?? i can re-upload it. or mail to you since its a small enough file. I just downloaded and extracted it np.

    Im on a fresh drive install on this one PC atm, but seems to work fine from here.

  3. I started a thread a week or two ago, asking if anyone would like to see any other games added or any other idea's before I released it :) 

    I didn't see much interest so i just released and posted it what I had. Your welcome to edit or upgrade the pack if your interested. 

    If you do, feel free to re-post and share.

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