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  1. I had to reinstall Windows and I went straight to version 21H1, copying the sxs.dll file from my previous build makes Hyperspin work without problems. I also deactivate Windows Defender in Group Policy since I don't need it. There's the unexpected Windows 11 coming soon, my PC isn't even compatible with the new OS, I believe MS is leaving behind all older CPUs which were vulnerable against the Meltdown and Spectre stuff. I plan on updating my hardware in the next two years. Maybe Hyperspin will keep on working in Windows 11 provided we have the required dll. Longe live Hyperspin's zombie years.
  2. Agent, we get it you're disappointed, but you've been a broken record for years now. The thread was already flowing in other directions, your opinions were already noted in other threads. If you have any other interesting and productive content or knowledge to share, feel free to do so.
  3. Realistic, yeah, I never said otherwise. In any case, I'll attach the following, I removed his avatar just because it's a PM and haven't asked permission to do so. When people complain or post anything like the OP, I never said people doesn't have options, nor I see others implying that. With the above message, I'm not even saying anyone should hope for anything, if the day comes, fine, if not, we'll live.
  4. Last time it was ninja2bceen that mentioned a discord group, maybe ask him?
  5. I see Agent47 is always willing to reply to any Hyperspin related post than lots of doubts or help he could have replied, even from my own posts in RocketLauncher, that's sad, you should move on, man, since it's all dead to you, why bother? I respect that you're caring the torch on RL, so focus on that alone. Like I said before in other posts, people don't seem to realize that is not only HS forums or software that stalled in the last few years, I won't even mention what happened in 2020 to further add to that. In 2015 all the retro community was on fire, RocketLauncher itself updated almost weekly. Libretro, Emumovies, RocketLauncher and emulator developments aren't in their best days, check those and compare to what was in 2010 to 2017. And I'm not mentioning Patreon backed emulators, that's a different story. Discord is making the forums seem deserted now, there are people posting new HS projects and media there alone.
  6. Try contacting Circo on Emumovies, he can help you there.
  7. I can try it and see how it goes.
  8. Great stuff, let us know where to find the module and the reader so others can also add it if they'd like.
  9. It's nice you like Hyperspin even though you tried different frontends. Since I started using HS back in 2015 I never tried other softwares, mainly because I already went so far creating media here and customizing themes, filling lots of gaps. I got used to the local databases, media creation in general, even videos, I recorded a lot myself. In the process, I had lots of ideas, some like yours, specially regarding theme creation, etc. Personally, Hyperspin works flawlessly in my PC, but I wouldn't wait for anything to change for the time being, there's little to none information about any progress or upcoming release, even some fixes were addressed mostly by users, like the latest Windows 10 update which broke HS functionality. Hypertheme itself was broken for a few years until I realized that I had to have a "MAME" folder in the media directory, empty, it just has to be there, otherwise HT would open a blank window. I'm just a regular user and I figured it out observing that HT always had a MAME system in its themes list. For you, a content creator, I understand what you're saying. Just don't keep any expectations and use the software as it is. If you create new media, themes, etc, keep the sources, in case of an update, you can always come back to them and use higher quality assets to a possible updated frontend. I read some salty comments here and there, but, personally I think it's still a solid software, it's by far one of those you basically have to manually add stuff, learn how it works and etc. For instance, Mad Stalker: Full Metal Force was released for the Mega Drive/Gen recently, I manually added it to the database, logo, cart and box.
  10. Nice to see someone working on this, I have plans on improving the games magazines system and I'll definitely take a look into what you manage to improve the way it's handled. As for HyperPause, I never used it.
  11. Looking good. I only have games magazines, but it's nice to see you're expanding to HQs as well. I used Soda PDF when I first started this system years ago. What reader are you using?
  12. Mi sistema se actualizó automáticamente de 1903 a 1909 y en ambas compilaciones Hyperspin funciona sin problemas, incluso me di cuenta de lo que le sucedía a HyperTheme hace algún tiempo, que es un error en HT en sí mismo, mientras que siempre pensé que era culpa de Windows. Y aquí está HS ejecutándose en la última versión de Windows: Y veo que estás diciendo que los juegos no comenzarán, pero necesitamos más información, ¿los juegos realmente se inician a través de RocketLauncherUI, cuáles son tus configuraciones en RLUI? ¿Devuelve algún mensaje de error de los módulos RL? ¿Su RL está configurado así? Si puede publicar capturas de pantalla con más información, sería mucho mejor para nosotros ayudarlo.
  13. There should be a complete set, except some 3D boxes, Japan I think, which are available from Robin in Emumovies, I didn't upload those here because of laziness, so feel free to add everything in that section as well.
  14. Sega Genesis Database (USA) View File It has all entries released in USA, including official, unlicensed, protos and compilations. World unlicensed games like Xeno Crisis and others aren't included and will have their own database later. It's heavily based on @SupraKarma's improvements on the communities database, I've added two missing entries MTV's Beavis and Butthead (USA) and Prince of Persia (USA). Includes 22 titles released on the Sega Channel service, which are exclusives, even some undumped and titles that were only available physically in Europe and Japan. Early prototypes which are mostly broken/incomplete weren't considered, while the most complete ones were already tested and added on previous efforts. 3D Box art: Carts: Wheels/Logos Submitter Aorin Submitted 12/16/2019 Category Databases (XML) Credits Suprakarma and the gaming community in general
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