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  1. The person who could help you with any information regarding this is @fr0stbyt3
  2. I always wondered where this one came from, now we know
  3. Yeah, you can use higher letters in order to avoid any conflict, Z is a good one. RocketLauncher and Retroarch use relative paths automatically, unless you specify other drivers than where RL or RA are installed. There are minor tweaks to the Settings.ini you can make in order to make it even more portable, and that should do the trick, mostly. All new installations, i.e., when you install a new Windows, you usually need to install VCRedist(s), DirectX, BebasNeue font for the RL default fades. In short, if you have the "Emulators" and "Roms" folders in the same directory tree where RL is, specially in the root of the Hyperspin folder, all the above checked, you should be good.
  4. Another user just asked it a few days ago, here:
  5. Aorin


    If you want to become a platinum member, consider doing so only if you'd like supporting the server and other maintenance related costs. Things you should consider beforehand: There are tons, I mean, all direct links are offline and absolutely nothing was made to fix it. There were a lot of on-going database projects only hosted as direct links and a lot of other attachments that are completely broken, for good. Also, most users today, except those who want a retro arcade style, use wide-screen monitors/TVs and even if you sync it through HyperSync, there will be manual work on your side to fix that since Hyperspin is tied to 1024x768 (4:3 aspect ratio). I don't know who is behind the site maintenance, but whoever he/she is, need to fix and upgrade it from the current state, even the downloads section still suffers, with that, I mean, as a content creator, I find it unappealing to even consider bringing big projects I worked on with Robin, which takes 5GB+ for the Japanese Playstation alone, imagine if I'd have to split it up with dozens, maybe hundreds of small 90MB pieces so I could finally upload it here. All the above considerations aren't news to anyone anymore, it's being dragged on for a long, long time. What still keeps all this alive are people like content creators, and others who help with technical information and the such. Personally I use Hyperspin but in any case, there are other options with updated features that could be much more user-friendly for newcomers to the emulation/frontend scene.
  6. What do you want? Exit the emulator, enabling you to continue browsing other games? What does exiting the wheel mean? You want to exit the frontend? Can you elaborate what you want to do with your controller?
  7. Put it in Global on RLUI, click on the key in "Exit Emulator Key and follow the below pictures: You can use the below to customize how the button will work.
  8. Mi sistema se actualizó automáticamente de 1903 a 1909 y en ambas compilaciones Hyperspin funciona sin problemas, incluso me di cuenta de lo que le sucedía a HyperTheme hace algún tiempo, que es un error en HT en sí mismo, mientras que siempre pensé que era culpa de Windows. Y aquí está HS ejecutándose en la última versión de Windows: Y veo que estás diciendo que los juegos no comenzarán, pero necesitamos más información, ¿los juegos realmente se inician a través de RocketLauncherUI, cuáles son tus configuraciones en RLUI? ¿Devuelve algún mensaje de error de los módulos RL? ¿Su RL está configurado así? Si puede publicar capturas de pantalla con más información, sería mucho mejor para nosotros ayudarlo.
  9. There should be a complete set, except some 3D boxes, Japan I think, which are available from Robin in Emumovies, I didn't upload those here because of laziness, so feel free to add everything in that section as well.
  10. I got the databases from this link, it's probably useful for you.
  11. I didn't see him saying goodbye, anyway, I believe it's better for you to have it all together in one place then.
  12. I don't know how difficult it is to have both 4:3 and 16:9 separated categories, I often see the aspect omitted for tons of themes, specially in their title, even descriptions. As for converting the themes to wide-screen, I'm not sure how was Avar's mileage with that, since I never saw a converted theme. If we're talking about the thousands MAME themes, then it's a problem. Anyway, maybe more people sharing the same interest could get together and see what could be done. In practice, the overall composition of a theme would need manual inspection for a better quality overall, backgrounds would probably need new sources, content-aware and other filling techniques to complete the larger horizontal area can be risky.
  13. Got it, the screen will be dedicated for vertical content then. I believe I saw something specific for Vertical stuff on Launchbox, never saw it for Hyperspin, but I may have missed it. Anyway, I believe the databases will help you as a starting point at least.
  14. There are databases for Vertical only games, use these: https://mega.nz/#!IvhkVQ6b!zA8eNEvevUYST1ol7MHYMGH_ZNXJR6R-FNuGC5-IzWM When you mention Theme, can you be more specific? For example, this is a Hyperspin theme for Vertical arcade games:
  15. What happens with the descriptionsSSSGGGGGGGGGG?
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