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  1. Taking a wild guess, this version, prior to the latest works here because I'm using Windows 10 LTSB, which only receives security updates, maybe the fixed version works for the normal Windows 10 builds, maybe you use this version? Anyway, if people are having similar crashes, it will be nice to have this HyperTheme version in the downloads section as a separate file.
  2. For some reason, hypertheme crashed for me in the latest Hyperspin update fix, since HyperLaunch and HyperTheme were also updated, I use the backed up Hypertheme instead, no clue why it happened. In case anyone has this crashing problems and want to give it a try, I'm posting my HyperTheme. HyperTheme.exe
  3. OK then, yeah the Escape button is a problem, which I solved by mapping "equal" instead for DosBox games, for example. About the module, I believe it's easy to add these systems, since I have a modified RA module that adds some systems that the old RA module doesn't have.
  4. @dark13 actually, I just came across this, probably something really new, so you can expect Daphne for Retroarch too. https://forums.libretro.com/t/daphne-retroarch-help-please/18820/1
  5. I believe you mean cores? Or you want an updated RA module that would work with these cores? I think you could run Sharp x68000 and Commodore 64, Sharp via MAME/MESS core and there's this core called Vice for C64, there's no Daphne option for RA. I've managed to run Philips CD-i via MAME/MESS core in Retroarch some years ago and it was playable. Personally I don't have any of the above systems but I can probably help you getting them to work in case you need it, except for Daphne :]
  6. It's OK and healthy to talk about it, so I repeat myself, thanks for sharing your experiences with other frontends, I could only learn from your posts and it was inevitable that people would argue this and that, since the nature of your change can be seem from different views. I use Hyperspin and it works flawlessly for me, really, from wide-screen to gamepad, things that were never built-in, were solved by or plugin or Photoshop. I know one thing or two from other frontends and really like that they offer different features, some users will fit better in a particular frontend because of this. I hope you don't feel uncomfortable because some users may argue stuff about a frontend, etc., this is just natural and I hope you keep posting your experiences, and like you said above, keep helping people.
  7. I have, and I'm on both sides, since I handcrafted all my themes, made them wide-screen, configured RocketLauncher, emulators, recorded half my videos, the list goes on, and there's this thread so we can talk about games we've been playing, I only added a few.
  8. Aorin

    Jump to next game

    I'm not sure if I want a macro for that, I use them for PC Games and they do the job, I don't know, maybe it's hard coded in the frontend.
  9. Aorin

    Jump to next game

    I tried finding some config line that would do the trick, but I couldn't,.
  10. Aorin

    Jump to next game

    Does anyone know how to configure Hyperspin to jump to the very next game once a video is played? The roulette thing is nice but I want it to jump one game at a time.
  11. I never read frontend comparisons so far, thanks for all the info. There's absolutely no frontend taboos I'm aware of, anyone is free not to only talk about anything game/frontend related stuff, but also share their experiences with them. Just like you did above, it also might help other people try other options. It's nice to know Attract-Mode has so much to offer! Edit: You should paste your comparison in your OP.
  12. The retroarch module thread in RL forums gets a lot of support from time to time, my current RA module has lots of updates comparing to the outdated official one.
  13. I remember when using a Dual Shock 3 gamepad, I had problems with it in Hyperspin, but with Dual Shock 4 it works perfectly fine, like a native controller for the frontend, so I figured it was something that scp driver (for DS3) and the Startup Script had some kind of conflict, DS4 uses InputMapper, and I still use the Startup Script, so it's definitely SCP driver. As for the frontend, it seems that Launchbox is a nice one for those who want a simple frontend, it downloads games info and has tons of different themes, etc., and there's a lot of nice people there too, there's others frontends, I remember the very first one I tried years ago was EmuControlCenter, I think this one doesn't even exist anymore, but was a nice start nevertheless. Good luck! @dark13, it's easy to add support for any new core in the Retroarch module, I can probably help getting info for it, if you want it.
  14. Aorin

    Extra 3D cases for PS1

    Mizzurna Falls (Japan) A future translation is possible.
  15. Aorin

    Extra 3D cases for PS1

    I fixed the spine in the above jewel cases, I couldn't find the following discs anywhere, some may be useful. Gungage (Europe) Hot Wheels - Extreme Racing (USA) Jersey Devil (USA) Kingsley's Adventure (USA) NASCAR Thunder 2004 (USA) Simpsons, The - Wrestling (USA) SuperLite 1500 Series - The Tetris (Japan) Tamago de Puzzle (Japan) This Is Football 2 (Europe)