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  1. It works perfectly, with or without motion plus
  2. ruebsy

    Hyperspin Background Music

    Eagerly awaiting an answer to this as well, so far for me, RL or HL I've not been able to make this work. I have the main menu music from Wii and wanted it to play while selecting a game. No luck so far. I've even attempted making a theme with the file in there and can't make it work. Somewhere else on the forum is another persons post where there is no solid info as well...
  3. ruebsy

    Barcade...no really I mean Barcade

    To be honest we have a converted fridge as a kegerater already...I may have to make a decision here
  4. ruebsy

    Barcade...no really I mean Barcade

    I'm not gonna rule that out!!!
  5. ruebsy

    Barcade...no really I mean Barcade

    Yes, probably even go with a bevel and rout out some black weather stripping, we are old enough now where I know we won't kill this thing, ...I hope
  6. *in progress* Instead of your traditional cabinet we have been tasked with redesigning a small sit down bar. The pinball buff that I am wanted to have a traditional pin cab but the video game enthusiast quickly chimed in. Knowing I was going to actually keep this as a bar rather than a cab lets get a few things straight. Wanted to go inexpensive but heavy and sturdy so we decided to just frame out as we can always rebuild lighter and pricier wood so started our furniture building. This cabinet is also going to reside in what is now our home away from home man cave/jam room where I play drums for a rock/metal band. We might need a bigger boat...eh backglass TV that is Here's the old bar, we like the space we have so that kind of explains why we are just going to combine the 2 pieces of furniture Here's a panoramic view of the room. Nothing great but the worlds best storage/work garage you can have. Many of hours spent working on the software. I loved the look of PinballX and was mind blown at how beautiful hyperspin looked. So we needed both. For now I am working with a 42" playfield and a 32" back glass. Down the road I may add a dmd but we have a projector in the jam room where there's an xbox 360 and home brewed out Wii So there's more to come with what we might do with a projector as screen 3. Currently have Hyperspin as a spot on the PinballX wheel, calling a script I wrote that changes windows main display to the backglass and calls the hyperspin exe and closes PinballX. I ran into issues before closing PinballX with xpadder so it was best to just end the process and do the same placing PinballX on hyperspin wheel and reversing the script to call PinballX and close hyperspin PinballX currently setup with 171 tables from both Future Pinball, Visual Pinball and PinballFX2. Decided to plumb in the kinect for BAM head tracking but in the "bar" atmosphere it does too good and grabs too many faces and throws future pinball over the place. Maybe try eye toy in the future to see if it's any better, as Wiimotes will be mapped for gun games. Currently all the consoles play comfortably on what would be the backglass except mame...decided to let mame run on the play field, xbox 360 controls and arcade box being constructed soon. Current status: Just painted and put the top on, time to drill cable management, run some case lighting throughout, wire some speakers and get the control box for the front built...COOLING, and a bunch of other never ending shit....to be continued
  7. Hello I had started a project that was to only be a virtual pin cab, but opened Pandora's box and have had a ton of fun working on a cabinet idea I have not seen done before. Prior to sharing everything I am looking for some help in making use of a second monitor. I am in need of some info to help display either 1 or many images on monitor #2 while using hyperspin. I have read a few threads about hyperspin helper and am not sure if this would be the way to go or not. Any suggestions or advice is appreciated.
  8. ruebsy

    Display Swap

    Thanks for the response, I actually found using ultramon a great way to do this. I created to profiles one with each display set as primary. Then made a hot key to designate each. Made a script in autohotkey, converted to exe, then call it in my frontend. I'm actually using pinballx and have hyperspin as an item in the wheel. It works great to play pinball tables and easily switch over to hyperspin and run all games on the backglass display and back again.
  9. ruebsy

    Display Swap

    Hello! New to the forum, found some info on google but not enough. Anyone have a suggestion on how I can call up hyperspin on my pc on display 2. I Have downloaded several programs to help but cant seem to get anywhere. I have tried display fusion, display changer 1and 2 and read someone got it working with ultramon so started messing with it, so farno luck, anyone please help? My need is to call a program or script to change when hyperspin starts and revert as it closes,so an even quick display 1 primary change with monitor 2 secondary and back.