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  2. I am an owner of the bliss box but have not used it since moving into a new home. My dream hyperspin setup was to have both traditional arcade controls and my bliss box setup so that I could go between consoles in hyperspin and switch to the appropriate controller for the systems without doing anything other than plugging the controllers in. When I last worked on this it was proving to be very cumbersome. Has anybody been able to successfully pull this off. To be clear, I mean by staying within the hyperspin front end environment and not having to enter any settings whatsoever when switching between systems and switching to that systems controller.
  3. Looks awesome...ope it gets funded!
  4. I am configuring most of them as joypads, although I do use xpadder for my xbox 360 controllers which up until now have controlled every emulator (I only recently decided to work on this multiple original controller upgrade to my setup). Has anybody here had experience with this by chance: http://forum.arcadecontrols.com/index.php/topic,108767.0.html
  5. I am attempting to create what could be an awesome setup with my hyperspin front end. The idea being that nes, snes, sega genesis, ps1 and 2, as well as gamecube emulators are all controlled by their actual original controllers. I am using mayflash and related usb cables to allow me to do this. My plan is that you would navigate through hyperspin using my x-arcade tankstick. Then once a particular system is chosen you would simply pull out the original controller for that system and carry on! So far, it seems that windows is getting confused on which controller is being used and is proving to be a real challenge thus far. Has anyone else attempted a similar setup, and if so have any suggestions? Any help is much appreciated guys.
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