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  1. Version 20081005


    Avengers (US set 1) - avengers (MAME) Video Snap available at EmuMovies
  2. bbb, i would like to test it as well please... m.agostino@shaw.ca my 3 year old daughter keeps hitting the exit button on the pinball wizard controller cause she has to lean forward to see the flippers. this would help out, thx magostin
  3. I'm looking for this Hyperpin manual that is mentioned in the above post. i can't find it.... i have access to a few monitors this evening and want to try out the setups for future pinball and visual pinball. can anyone provide a link? or a set up detailed guide? thx, magostin
  4. Hi Bilpa,

    Bill sent me your way... i'm looking for the hi-rez hyperspin logo for my mameroom cabinet i ordered.

    if possible please send it to m.agostino@shaw.ca

    do you by any chance have any cab side art with hyperspin art in it?




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