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  1. Here's my minipin http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/forum/showthread.php?35224-*Minipin-a-smaller-way-to-pinball*-Project
  2. I finally got my lockdown bar.... only took 31 days. I can now say that the minipin is complete!
  3. After a month.... still no lockdown bar I am told that it will finally be done this coming weekend so I expect to have it sometime the following week and then I will be officially done!
  4. The legs came off of an old cabinet(8+ years ago).... here is a pic of what one looks like. They are nice because with a simple twist they can adjust in length. Unfortunately I don't have a part number.... The mercury switches allow someone with little to no room in their cabinet to add the ability to nudge. Once the mercury shifts to the other side it completes the circuit and if hooked up to an ipac can send a keypress.
  5. Got my mercury switches today.... Installed 3 and they work pretty darn good. I will need to fiddle with them to get the angle right but for the most part they work as planned.
  6. I will stick with these legs.... it is meant to be a tabletop pin so those work perfect and they're even adjustable.
  7. Got my art(Lucian) and got it applied. Just need a lockdown bar....
  8. Artwork arrives on Thursday.... probably still a week out on my lockdown bar. I added some labels to my buttons, popped the top and used some printed out words. They look great and shouldn't be a fire hazard since they are LEDs... but we'll see how they hold up.
  9. I figured out my humming popping noise.... I guess when you buy super nice amps you can tune out those pesky noises by just adjusting the volume knob. It was definitely an LEDWIZ ground type issue because it only came on when it did and if I pulled the ground it got even louder..... but for some reason turning the volume all the way up at the amp made the noise go away. Strange. I also got my glass on. Now just waiting on the lockdown bar and art.
  10. I am getting ready to order art.... I manipulated some stuzza art and have everything the way I want except for the front. Just curious if anyone has any opinions or any ideas on what to move/change/delete. I kinda like the centered smaller circle with ball, only because I won't have a door. I added some buttons to give an idea on how it will look(should have lit them up!)
  11. Thanks DeeGor.... I did kinda learn from the master Well last night I got my side rails fitted, my plastic glass 'channel' in, my glass ordered, custom lockdown bar ordered..... but most importantly I got my fuses! I was lucky everything worked except for two things and they were just bad solder joints. Fixed and started playing. One thing I notice is that there is some decent feedback coming through the speakers but what's weird is it only starts when the board actually starts, not when flipping through hyperpin or in windows, just when the game gets launched. I thought it might be from the LEDWIZ but when I launch ledblinky to test the modules I don't hear the noise. Odd... anybody have any thoughts? If it wasn't so crammed in there I would move around some wires to test it out.... but at this point any hardware 'tinkering' is some major effing surgery.
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