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  1. hey thanks for the suggestion but i pushed ctrl+alt+delete and it wasnt showing in my task manager.... i have no idea whats going on! this is the first time it happened. and i have no idea what i did! ive never touched any settings at all! just added roms to the roms folder. that was it!
  2. Hey guys! ive been getting hyperspin all configured for when i make my MAME cabinet! eveyrthings been going well. a few hiccups here and there but one thing thats bothering me now is that when i got into hyperspin, i can select which emulator i want to play buy using the up and down arrow keys and pushing the ENTER button to select the emulator. But when i go to choose which game i want to play, when i push ENTER to select it nothing happens!! anything know the problem? ive been using hyperspin fine eince i set it up. and all i did today was add some sega genesis roms to it and i didnt touch any settings at all! tried restarting my PC a couple times and still wont work! can anyone help me at all?? thanks!!
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