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  1. Paypal for both , count me in
  2. Hey sorry it took me so long to get back been crazy over here with work! To be honest I didn't even realize u sent me a message! Anyway are you talking about sending speak easy 4 FS over or was it something else?! My e-mail is ICPjuggla@aol.com

  3. Does the arduino gives more possibillities about assigning 'switches' to a solenoid ? ( siemens relais ) I mean, in older tables with ledwiz it is often not possible to assign the bumper,slingshot relais effect because they are not solenoids ( S numbers ) but switch numbers ( W numbers ). Please can u test this ? Let's take table 'time machine' with romname 'tmac_a24'. Switch 21 and switch 22 are the slingshots . Can u fire a relais hitting these ? That would be awsomne ! Thanx !
  4. Hey Pixelmagic, do you sell a ' all in 1 package ' ( arduino + boards + software + cables) or just your selfmade boards ? Allready thanx for your inventive actions pixel and shifter67
  5. give mail adress and i'll send it



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