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  1. The horizontal bezels and games work properly in this orientation as is (I use mainly Metalzoic's modified collection of all the bezels created by the talented artists out there- thank you all!), but I'll have to edit the vertical bezels and their ini files for them to display properly. So far what little I've been able to do is working as expected. btw I'm doing mame only on this for now.
  2. Isn't that done by setting BezelMode to "Use MAME built-inBezels" RocketLauncherUI->MAME->Modules->MAME->Global Settings Editor for MAME->(MAME Tab)->BezelMode I've not tried that, but my understanding is in that mode, if the MAME rom has a .lay and related bezel files associated with it, the MAME bezel will be drawn. If Not, RL Bezels will be drawn if present, otherwise defaulting back to MAME default or global default bezel art.
  3. What would happen with Bezel Background images and Bezel Overlay images in this use scenario? (I'm at work and cannot try until much later after I get home) Do the background and overlay images expand to fill the entire screen as well? It seems like only the bezel image (.ini file actually) dictates where only the emulator will be displayed. My guess is the .png images will expand to fill all available area above and beyond the .INI coordinates. In this case, they'd probably extend way above and below the "blank areas" in that ascii figure. Thanks.
  4. One baby step at a time...Rotating Windows7 / video card options to display vertically as 1080x1920. Set (via HyperHQ or manual edit to HyperSpin->Settings->settings.ini) [Resolution] FullScreen=false Width=1080 Height=810 With those settings, HyperSpin appears perfectly centered and full width with correct aspect ratio and also appears to be located precisely as speculated in the ASCII drawing in the first post. Question - is it possible to move the HS window from where HS / Windows7 decides to place it? There is no frame that can be grabbed with the mouse and dragged to wherever, and I don't see any X,Y coordinate settings in settings.ini for window placement that I can set. Interestingly, with HS running and then changing screen rotation back to normal Landscape orientation (1920x1080), I can see HS dynamically reposition the location of the window, so HS is doing something to tell Windows7 where to place the HS window. How can I control that? Thanks
  5. Several cabinets I've looked at recently have enough inside area to accommodate a 42" screen vertically with some of the "unused" area already hidden. The monitor would slide under parts of the top of the cabinet and area below or under the control panel. So, a cabinet like that would not look as freaky as Metalzoic fears. So it seems we'd lose the coolness of the Pause feature in RL, but seemingly Bezels and most other features would work? I'll have to look into this further. Thanks for the replies.
  6. I should add that, if it helps to stick with standard numbers, can the box be made to be 1024 x 768? Once upon a time 1024x768 was the "native" resolution of HyperSpin and all its themes. Thanks!
  7. Not sure where best to post this, sorry if in wrong place... So I did some searching on Vertical games, Vertical monitors, Portrait monitors, rotating monitors, and I have not found yet what I'm looking for, which is basically this: I have a cabinet that once upon a time had a 27" CRT horizontally mounted that was 4:3 aspect ratio. I want to put an LCD in there to fill up as much of the physical space as possible with as big of a displayable picture as possible. Putting in a standard 16:9 LCD monitor can fill it up in the horizontal direction, but vertically it is still wanting. 16:10 monitor does not help much. Is it possible to do the following: - mount a 16:9 LCD monitor rotated vertically so that the monitors vertical dimension (say 1080 or bigger) lies in the cabinet horizontal plane, and the monitor's horizontal dimension (1920, say) lies in the cabinet vertical dimension? Okay - I know people do this and various Windows and other settings support it. What I want to know specifically is this: - When mounted this way, can Windows, HyperSpin, RocketLauncher, Mame, support the following: -- Create a 1080x810 box (4:3) inside the rotated 1920x1080 (now 1080x1920), and place that box in the center of the screen, such that it looks like this crude ASCII drawing: +------------------------+ --- --------- | | | /\ | blank area | 555 | | | +------------------------+ --- 1 | Active Display Area | | 9 | | | 2 | this box is now 4:3 | 810 0 | 1080 x 810 | | | display HS, RL, MAME | | t | in here | \/ a +------------------------+ --- l | | | l | blank area | 555 | | | \/ +------------------------+ --- -------- |<------1080 wide ------>| Any advice on how to do that, if it is even possible, will be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks!!!
  8. Are those the specs of the "older rig" that is exhibiting the audio issues in G&G / HLSL / mame 0.173? My rig pales in comparison (i5,3GHz, and C2d, 3GHZ), but I also am not trying all the fancy stuff yet. Thanks.
  9. Yo, saw this and thought of you.

    How have you been? How is everything? I hope all is well!


  10. Found it. I copied it from the Main Menu / Media/images/other and put it in the same dir for MAME

    I thought once upon a time BBB had a red pointer for subwheels but I forget

  11. Hey Brian - can you tell me what files I edit to display a pointer in the MAME wheel? The setup I copied from you at extreme only has the pointer in the main menu, not in any of the submenus.

    Installing the 0602 setup does not have submenu pointers either, only the ini info for them.


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