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  1. I figured it out...modified the wrong mame ini. One other issue I noticed...and I have bezels..I cant do offscreen reload even though I have it marked as 1 in the ini. Testing in mame directly works fine. Through hyperspin it seems when it gets near the bezel edge the crosshair switches to a mouse pointer. Anyone else see this issue? Any solution?
  2. I guess that kinda worked. I tested aliens 3 and it worked but still other games didnt. I have one of those 8tb hyperspin setups so it has a lot of collections. Would it make sense that one game will work in mame but not in a collection? Would their be more files i would need to put to read only? Also, I notice booting right from mame has no hlsl settings applied visually at least. Is it possible rocketlauncher is reading a different ini? I did update a while ago to mame 185 and pointed rocketlauncher to that but only the mame emulator. Do any other mods need to be changed when updating mame? Thanks for the help.
  3. I installed my light gun and it works great loading directly from MAME. When I try to load the same game in hyperspin it loads but my crosshair doesn't move. I notice its picking up my hlsl settings.....everything looks great. But my light gun wont work. Please help!
  4. Thank you very much. You guys rock. Now to build some themes.
  5. Off topic but I figure you guys know your stuff. I see wheels with mortal kombat collection or street fighter collection. How can a wheel system/collection have mutiple games pointing to multiple emulators? Also...where can I get an xml for those collections.
  6. Thanks Griffin158 and everyone else who spent hours and hours with these hlsl settings. They look awesome. Quick question. I love the settings but I notice a blue hue to most of the white on my screen. It's mostly noticeable when the neo geo logo comes up. I'd rather adjust the mame ini than change my monitor color. Uping the contrast seems to help but than my white is overbearing. Any help is appreciated. I can use the sliders but I'm not sure which ones make the most difference. By the way...at this point I'm using griffin158 ini settings back from his original post with the youtube side by side comparison.
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