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    Trackball Issues

    ~Sigh~ I had a beer enabled epiphany. I dug around in RocketLauncher UI and was able to set an emulator specific .ini through the global emulator settings. Selecting MAME and editing the golbal settings allowed me to link it to a folder with the .ini in it. Mods, feel free to delete this thread or keep it here in case others stumble upon it. Sorry for the double post.
  2. Hey all, I have searched for hours for a topic exactly like mine to no avail and I can't find it so I apologize if this has been seen before. I'm running windows 10 and the latest Hyperspin/RocketLauncher out there. When I enabled Trackball in HyperHQ, Hyperspin would freak out in the menus so I disabled it. This causes an issue when trying to play games like Golden Tee because when launched, I can't use the trackball for the game. I've edited the MAME .ini to set the trackball/mouse value to true. When I launch MAME not through Hyperspin, I have no issues using the trackball in the game. It's only when I launch it through Hyperspin does it not work when trying to play MAME games. Any ideas on how to get this up and running? I've tried just about everything and am now pulling out my nonexistent hair. I appreciate any help thrown my way.
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