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  1. I know its a super-long shot. Just wondering if there will ever be an updated version (2.0?) for Hyperpin? I Still use Hyperpin on my cab, just want to have one more feature - the ability to display static or animated images on my Pin2DMD while browsing tables. Looks like it would be a simple feature to add. I hate to leave hyperpin over this one feature, but I suppose PinballX has this feature....
  2. Finally, I tried what I read not to do to calibrate it, which was to actually shove the table around (with the board mounted). Since I have wood floors and some nice oak pin foot covers, my table can move around pretty well without scarring the floor. I tried the same settings + recalibrated (using your method) and STILL cannot get my PBW to tilt. Im betting you have the DIY kit from Nanotech? Does every table you've tried tilt? Can you tell we what tables are tilting for you? What version are you using of vpinmame? That could make a difference- (im still using Vpinmame v22).... Cujopb
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