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  2. ok, made a hack to make it work. Found a keyboard, disasembled it and mapped the ESC key wiring from the keyboard controller to my "menu/ ESC" button on my controlpanel, so when I press my button it now uses the keyboard controller instead of the controller I bought with the joysticks and voila - I can now exit Visual Pinball games.
  3. Going out of my mind on this one. I have read A LOT of threads about this issue with Visual Pinball in HyperSpin. My problem is that when I start Visual Pinball from HyperSpin I cannot exit the game again. I have to use Esc on my Keyboard. My Menu/Exit/Esc-button on my ControlPanel does not work as I expect - although it works fine every where else, just not in Visual Pinball So could somebody be so kind and post a working configuration of the Exit-function using the same button when exiting games in MAME or jump from a sub-menu to the Hyperspin Main menu wheel. Screendumps would be very nice. Currently I am running: • Hyperspin 1.3.3 (1.3.4 beta does not work for me when running MAME-games) • RocketLauncher (latest version) • VisualPinball 9.9.1
  4. Thanks guys, I got it working now. Just have to copy all the settings from the original MAME folder after the new genre/ wheel has been created.
  5. I have separated my MAME games into different XML-files and would like to have a wheel for each category. So I created a new menu on the wheel. But when I select it it cannot find the e.g. sports.xml (sport menu) Where does Hyperspin look for these XML-files (I placed them in the same folder as mame.xml
  6. Thanks guys, let the downloading begin :-)
  7. But I cannot find the ftp download and other downloads this membership allows. Do I just wait some time and it will be enabled or what do I do?
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