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  1. editing the ini file with default values sorted the issue somehow, it seems that there are not so many artworks updated lately, or maybe I already have the majority of them I could even set the sync button "on" editing the settings file, and there was no need to change resolutions on my arcade monitor for it! great workaround
  2. thanks for the reply. it used to work for me a couple of months ago but now by some reason i always get a message saying there are no new themes to download (but havent run it for about a year) . is there a specific path where the settings are stored? maybe i could try to reset them and see if this makes a difference. edit: found the setting file a few pages back, ill give it a try
  3. thanks for the heads up on this So if I understand correctly, currently there is no tool to sync these? I just tried HyperSync 3.5 again (it has been a while since then) and its no longer syncing
  4. Hello! I use this excellent tool to sync my artwork and works perfectly, however would it be possible to make the user interface adjustable or to fit on a 640x480 screen? Reason for asking is that I use it on an arcade cabinet that does not support higher resolutions, and the current UI is too big to make it usabel on a low resolution monitor, making it depenedant to have an alternative computer to sync the media, which is not very ideal... Thank so much!!
  5. thanks, this was exactly what I was looking for! I recall to have done this in the past, I guess probably I rushed to read the description of these settings and missed it Works perfectly now, thanks!
  6. Is it possible to set up videos (or themes) in Hyperspin to play a longer time? Currently I have some nice videos I would like to play for 30 seconds for instance, before the HS wheel starts running again. Is this a global setting? How can I change it on Hyperspin 1.4+ with Hyperlaunch (no rocketlauncher)? Thank you!
  7. your ini file made the trick! i had the pa_latency too low i guess. Also setting it as "Windows MME" or "Directsound" made it work. thanks so much! anyone who has and can try both MME/Directsound and WDM-KS, WASAPI could tell if any of these sound better than the others? At least very happy to see its working now!
  8. thanks for the tips guys! so far i tried two approaches, to add some lines in mame ahk to stop and start the audio service > this didnt work as it seems i did not have enough admin permissions in windows to stop the process from command line and do not know how to do it. then tried the portaudio setting but the sound i get is blur, i guess my realtek card is not compatible with other settings (if at all). Just for info purposes the realtek i use is embedded on a gigabyte GA-B85M-D3H motherboard. if i cant find a solution maybe i will try to buy a new soundboard, but that is a pain to set up in my bios as it does not allow me low resolution ( i need to take the pc out of the cabinet, etc etc). Hopefully a fix comes soon at some point
  9. just tried with Windows MME / Windows Directsound but the sound is not working
  10. thats good news do you mind sharing your mame settings? whats the difference between WDM-KS, WASAPI and MME or Directsound?
  11. whats the best way to restart the audio service in hyperspin? would it be possible to add a line somewhere so that when exiting the game the audio would restart automatically? i haven't touched the config for over two years, any guidance would help
  12. same issue here, W7x64 and running Hyperspin + Mame 0.182 on a realtek audio device from the motherboard. No matter what portaudio settings I use, the game will load and sound fine, but when i exit back to Hyperspin, the audio is lost.
  13. the amstrad CPC emulator on PSP has a really nice feature that allows you to use any keyboard key with the only use 2 PSP buttons. It would be nice to have such feature, as it makes it really easy to use with a joypad. The day the PSP emu emulates hombrew, I will switch to it to emulate computer systems, at least the amstrad CPC which is the one I am mostly interested in As for now, I use a wireless keyboard, no better choice at the moment, each computer game have completely different mapped keys, too hard from what i have seen to set up different profiles for different games Any ideas are welcome
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