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  1. darkminds - why send me all those friendly messages and the slag me off on the forum? You called me a kiddie hacker? Get your facts straight before you say something like that mate.

  2. Hello neonnets i just wanted to say your paperboy is very very nice, well done mate A++.

    Did it take you a long to do it.

  3. Hi mate im not sure what you mean, could you try and explain a little better please sir.

  4. I have a problem with the hyperspin install the new 8.8 but hyperspin intro videos and movies I see that interrupted

  5. hello hablas esañol

  6. Moved not removed.

  7. Ace can i use your ini file

  8. movie themes is what i mean

  9. hey mate i love your themes, i want to make some any tips

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