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  1. not needed, there were other mame's (unofficial or not) that had hiscore built in but where not necessarily HS doable without the usual stuff on configs. no matter using something else anyway now. Thanks all anyway for the help. Maybe one day, back to HS, its still the best visual out there though with a bit too much on some of the cool stuff though fortunately most of that is editable anyway.
  2. Thnanks killars your help has been stellar amongst it all. I dont see why in my case mame need be compiled when all the mames I have do hiscore just fine (its only via HS that it doesnt, unless i hit f7,alt-f7 to load em). Agreed, as noted before I guess I had a bit of a fit and got carried away. but will check into uifx also. makes sense on alternatives, i guess it depends on approach.
  3. True enough, appologies to all for that.. .I was in a bit of mood and it was uncalled for in a lot of the 'bashing' except for the the fact that the hiscore which works outside HS but doesnt work via Hs when HS is just a FE. In that I consider the bashing valid... but the scope and multiple posts is definately uncalled for.
  4. Well for me... Though I now have a playable (minus hi scores) via hyperspin. I seriously doubt i wiill be using it much without getting hiscores to show up. Since they do when running stuff direct, Im likley to dump hyperspin even with the success of getting stuff setup. And no, I wont bother with the external option, I only care about the games itself doing save state or simlar... as they already do when run direct. THis is a hyperspin issue so I will be looking for another alternative to hyperspin. Bummer Hyperspin is the coolest one, and in fact is the only one I would pay retail $$ for and more... My alternative to hyperspin will be a dos run menu that I dont particular like but its mine based on rubyonrails and webbased so time will tell.
  5. Hmm shame.. .ive been looking on the site ..and still nonthing about why the hi scores work when I run the games directly but not via hyperspin. despite the changes to ahk and other stuff still nothing. IM talking about the hiscore that does work when i play direct yet doesnt when via hyperspin.
  6. its disabled - at least on desktop (cant chk laptop till tonight). Meaning that even disabled it still doesnt handle hiscores. Yet im using the versions that can do hiscores. But Im questioning, is the hiscore support the hiscore within the games where they get hiscore.. or this hitotext. Ilike hitotext but I dont need nor want a external to game hiscore method. Though I can see a future possibility down the road but without the game itself keeping it I will likley never bother with hitotext even if it works and the internal hiscores dont. Since mameui64 (on THE DESKTOP I have which is 64bit) it is retaining th highscore... so when I want to play certain games that I know i will get new scores I tend to dump hyperspin and go direct.
  7. For me, all I want is the hiscores in the game itself to show up. When I run mamui64 on my 64bit pc ..the hiscores are there. but if I run it via hyperspin no luck. also runing mame on my 32bit laptop...also no hiscores. but thats per the version i believe. wondering what i missed there.
  8. What about using HS as follows: Some variant of setup to replace ones desktop &/or taskbar? Sounds weird I think but Im introducing all ideas even if stupid. I use objectdock on my laptops totally (instead of taskbar), and on the vista64 I use it as a better use taskbar (per 64bit issues). I use FENCES (from same site) as a nicer way to control clutter and etc on the desktop. Better than having folders as fences are open allthetime and are invisible directory wise. Im thinking it may be overkill for this idea, but hey.
  9. Interesting idea, seems a bit intense on the data.. I was in reality thinking litterally in terms of front end uses . But hey... many ideas abound. MY ideas: 1. Use of HS to run Hercules (HS) -(mainframe emulator)... Though it may seem like overkill, HS is a low resource use emulation that can really emulate a true single user mainframe of the 1960's thru 1990's and with proper setup even more on up to OS390 and Z/OS and LINUX (mainframe). 2. Other emulators as noted on this site. 3. Maybe even the classic PC VMWARE (MICROSOFTS emulation stuff)>
  10. huh?. I never said anything about both at same time. Funny you!. There are plenty of games that justify standing and playing, but the vast majority of arcade games Ive see so far, none require anything but lounging around and play. While the WII I have mostly is those sort of games. As it is, the mancave wont have room for a true arcade cabinet setup. Even if I did, I would definately include a 'mute' on the box or similar. I could see doing a game-chair like above someday.
  11. That brings up a question... and if Hyperspin might move this question to more appropriate place Im cool. What uses have people seen for hyperspin, other than game related emulation. It would be interesting to see what has been tried?
  12. I love it, but will refuse to donate or pay anything for it till I can get pcgames working via it and other issues that I believe are settings/config related and/or likely me missing something... Once thats done, I will review possible donate or buy outright. I love the product. Though the themes/genres seems a bit too much, I understand why its in there. But the people I know will pick&choose what parts of them to keep and what not to keep. (for me most of the genre was removed, as well as the nonmame systems wheels) Though I will add them back in future if & when I get them if ever. Im in the process of building my 'man-cave' and I have no intention of ever buildign a arcade cabinet.. AS it is, we will have 3 laptops (high end but rugged 2 of which are panasonic field laptops (very boune resistant) ... and two desktops running a fullscale game server. I will likley never do a true cabinet as I want my visitors to sitback and have fu, and/or stand up if they choose... A cabinet is too much the original arcade idea. Only if I did a 'captain kirk' startrek chair, might i actually do some variant for true cabinet furniture. As far as hyperspin, those laptops sole use are arcade (mame) and Hercules (mainframe emulation) and nothing else. And the Hercules runs 24x7 whiel the mame is always up but not always played (except for mine). Plus i do like being able to take the mame/mainframe with me anywhere. But I applaude those spending the time/effort to go that extreme (to me its not worth the $$, but thats 'in the eye of the beholder' deal. This mancave will have one wall that is all games or mainframe emu. Along with real pc use in same area. I actually run a inhouse biz that is mainframe support so I needed to have the same equipment handle both emu's of games and systemwide emu's. Im not sure yet if I want to hyperspin the mainframe stuff though it might be a interesting twist.
  13. The above makes a lot of sense. For me the only genre that matters is the system. Ie; Mame, PC Games, ATARI,AMIGA and etc. I did though use one of them as a base image for my PC GAMES I could care less about SPorts,console, cards,adventure,shootup, etc. Especially since im now up to 450 games now saved as favorites in mame.. and Im into the N's currently. Funny a large part of what I have been going thru were already supposeldy working yet arent. One cant rely on the initial setup as conclusively accurate. Once I go thru this I might go thru and see about downloading new roms, but doubtful. The games that matter most are already there. So far though all im doing is 'favorite' on those games that work, that are not duplicate of something I already put in favorites. And is acutally worth drag/drop to favorites. AS a great many arent. I applaude the documentation side of the mame effort, but the other side of emulation is to actually have usuable emulation. Emulation is two parts. 1. Documentation of some way of a past or obsolete system or similar. 2. Actualy usuability of the emulation. #2 seems to not be there all that well for many, while for me its ok up to a point. If I could make hyperspin work as it seems to be able, I would love that. As it is, if I have to use the all games or acutally go thru and edit manually hundreds of entries...then its a no go. As it is, other than those 10+ games, If I cant do it, Im more likely to delete mame as i did before. I deleted mame preivously in the past because the effort to get a decent 'playable' set was too much time to be worth it. Now however, with new knowledge and tools its possible. I figure im going to have to write my own xml stuff to take the mame custom list and create my own xml file for hyperspin. But before i do that,I want to figure out a good way to have pc games (menu) and then underneath the 15+ games I have on pc. Its funny, I would pay good $ for hyperspin that will do the above. But till I see it doable I wont bother with any $$. Too bad, I would likley buy several copies too (more than one license, or download or etc if need be).
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