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  1. not needed, there were other mame's (unofficial or not) that had hiscore built in but where not necessarily HS doable without the usual stuff on configs. no matter using something else anyway now. Thanks all anyway for the help. Maybe one day, back to HS, its still the best visual out there though with a bit too much on some of the cool stuff though fortunately most of that is editable anyway.
  2. Thnanks killars your help has been stellar amongst it all. I dont see why in my case mame need be compiled when all the mames I have do hiscore just fine (its only via HS that it doesnt, unless i hit f7,alt-f7 to load em). Agreed, as noted before I guess I had a bit of a fit and got carried away. but will check into uifx also. makes sense on alternatives, i guess it depends on approach.
  3. True enough, appologies to all for that.. .I was in a bit of mood and it was uncalled for in a lot of the 'bashing' except for the the fact that the hiscore which works outside HS but doesnt work via Hs when HS is just a FE. In that I consider the bashing valid... but the scope and multiple posts is definately uncalled for.
  4. Well for me... Though I now have a playable (minus hi scores) via hyperspin. I seriously doubt i wiill be using it much without getting hiscores to show up. Since they do when running stuff direct, Im likley to dump hyperspin even with the success of getting stuff setup. And no, I wont bother with the external option, I only care about the games itself doing save state or simlar... as they already do when run direct. THis is a hyperspin issue so I will be looking for another alternative to hyperspin. Bummer Hyperspin is the coolest one, and in fact is the only one I would pay retail $$ for and more... My alternative to hyperspin will be a dos run menu that I dont particular like but its mine based on rubyonrails and webbased so time will tell.
  5. Hmm shame.. .ive been looking on the site ..and still nonthing about why the hi scores work when I run the games directly but not via hyperspin. despite the changes to ahk and other stuff still nothing. IM talking about the hiscore that does work when i play direct yet doesnt when via hyperspin.
  6. its disabled - at least on desktop (cant chk laptop till tonight). Meaning that even disabled it still doesnt handle hiscores. Yet im using the versions that can do hiscores. But Im questioning, is the hiscore support the hiscore within the games where they get hiscore.. or this hitotext. Ilike hitotext but I dont need nor want a external to game hiscore method. Though I can see a future possibility down the road but without the game itself keeping it I will likley never bother with hitotext even if it works and the internal hiscores dont. Since mameui64 (on THE DESKTOP I have which is 64bit) it is retaining th highscore... so when I want to play certain games that I know i will get new scores I tend to dump hyperspin and go direct.
  7. For me, all I want is the hiscores in the game itself to show up. When I run mamui64 on my 64bit pc ..the hiscores are there. but if I run it via hyperspin no luck. also runing mame on my 32bit laptop...also no hiscores. but thats per the version i believe. wondering what i missed there.
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