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  2. haha i did some stupid late nights for months on end early this year, i then transferred the hard drives to my cabinet pc, realised i had to reconfig all the keys to ipac2, reconfig all the emus to the new gfx card etc - i had to walk away for a few weeks so i didnt lose my sh*t
  3. yeah agree with you both, its fun until it becomes a chore! the plan is to fill the hard drive with systems i remember from my youth and then only active wheels when i am happy they look complete.
  4. Haha kind of, friends love playing the arcade cab, few beers in they challenge me - "I bet you haven't got 'X'" So it's become a challenge to prove them wrong as much as possible.
  5. Thanks zero, That's a fkn impressive list!
  6. I've currently got 40 systems configured for HS but I'm getting greedy/obsessed. Can you guys share here your system lists? I thought it would be cool for us to compare what we have and share some rare systems some of us may not know about?
  7. thanks for the tip, Now i have to re map all controls for all emus as i'm plugging it into the cabinet controller today. one day i may actually get to play some games..........maybe
  8. SOLVED. I reformatted the drive and did a clean install, all runs fine now. As Austin suggested - Xpadder profiles do not like cutting n pasting.
  9. sorry for another post but thought i should include my hyperlaunch.log http://pastebin.com/uRra5g3H also hyperspin log is this {code} 12:47:28 PM | HyperSpin Started 12:47:28 PM | Going FullScreen 12:47:28 PM | Checking for updates 12:47:28 PM | Update Check Complete 12:47:28 PM | Startup program: HyperSpin Startup Script.exe 12:47:28 PM | Startup params not set 12:47:28 PM | Working directory: P:\HyperSpin\Utilities\ 12:47:28 PM | Window State: NORMAL 12:47:28 PM | Launching HyperSpin Startup Script.exe 12:47:28 PM | Command Line is HyperSpin Startup Script.exe 12:47:28 PM | Playing intro video ALSO- now cleaned up xpadder, configured new controller file and when i boot HS, the Xpadder window pops up - is this causing the issue? how do i resolve? Please help, going nuts here, got a cabinet just sitting here and now no damn HS !?! lol
  10. thanks, the HLHQ xpadder path is set, xpadder is working within HLHQ, i can test profiles etc. Just cant get HS to launch. Can i disable xpadder and start HS without, then maybe reinstall xpadder after? -can i get a 'clean' hyperspin start up script.ini from someone maybe? i'll try that
  11. I have been building my Hs drive on an external hard drive on a win 7pc, i have now got my cabinet pc (win 8.1) I have copied the contents of the drive over to the new pc, changed drive name etc. HSHQ works fine. But if i try to run HS i hear intro music for a second and then nothing. The first time this happened Win 8 popped a window asking how i wanted to run xpadder files, i set the path to xpadder.exe - it did not continue load HS. Now when i try to run HS i hear the first second of the intro music and then nothing, just stays on the desktop. do i need to alter something in my start up script? [Required] HyperSpin_Folder_Path=P:\HyperSpin HyperLaunch_Folder_Path=P:\HyperSpin\HyperLaunch [General] Primary_Color_RRGGBB=363636 Secondary_Color_RRGGBB=ffffff [Controls] Joysticks_Enabled=False Joysticks_MaxNumberOfJoysticks=4 Joystick_Delay=225 Joystick_Deadzone=25 Joystick_Up=JoyY-|JoyPOVN Joystick_Down=JoyY+|JoyPOVS Joystick_SkipUp=JoyX-|JoyPOVW Joystick_SkipDown=JoyX+|JoyPOVE Joystick_SkipUpNumber=Joy5 Joystick_SkipDownNumber=Joy6 Joystick_HyperSpin=JoyZ-|JoyZ+|Joy9 Joystick_Genre=Joy3 Joystick_Favorites=Joy4 Joystick_Start=Joy1|Joy8 Joystick_Exit=Joy2 Joystick_Roulette=Joy7 Joystick_Volume=JoyR- Joystick_Volume_Close=JoyR+ Joystick_QuickLaunch=JoyU+ Joystick_QuickLaunch_Close=JoyU- Joystick_Info=JoyU- Joystick_Info_Close=JoyU+ Joystick_Filters=JoyR+ Joystick_Filters_Close=JoyR- [startup] Minimize_Background_Windows_Enabled=false Window_Classes_To_Not_Minimize=Shell_TrayWnd,Button Process_Name_To_Close_1= Program_To_Run_Target_1=P:\HyperSpin\Xpadder\p1.xpadderprofile Program_To_Run_Working_Dir_1= Program_To_Run_MaxMinHide_1= [Exit] Restore_Windows_On_Exit=True Process_Name_To_Close_1= Program_To_Run_Target_1= Program_To_Run_Working_Dir_1= Program_To_Run_MaxMinHide_1= [Roulette] Roulette_Key=~1 Roulette_Min_MilliSeconds=3000 Roulette_Max_MilliSeconds=8000 [Volume_Menu] Volume_Menu_Key=~2 Volume_Bar_Offset_From_Bottom=44 [QuickLaunch] QuickLaunch_Key=~3 QuickLaunch_Enabled=true QuickLaunch_Left_Offset=5 QuickLaunch_Top_Offset=10 QuickLaunch_Bottom_Offset=10 Item_1_Path= Item_1_Parameters= Item_1_LogoPath= Item_1_Ignore_Process_Close=false
  12. haha ok thanks - i cant take any credit for the logo, that's Eric Heil's, i merely grabbed it from his Intro - wish i had those kind of skills. How can you find Daft Punk underwhelming? must be all that crazy dutch techno i guess
  13. ok, audio too messy? I've redone without the 'the grid' intro, just solid Derezzed and SFX
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