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  1. Excellent work guys. Thank you for such a quick response.
  2. Awesome work I have just got HiToText working and I love it. Now it's time to set some highscores so I can see my name popping up in hyperspin One quick question I know its not quite relating to HiToText but maybe someone can help. I notice that in the list by chillinwater it mentions Bubble Bobble but for some reason whenever I run Bubble Bubble in mame it won't create a .hi file. I know this isn't a HiToText problem as it can't find the .hi file because mame hasn't created it but does anyone else get this problem. It works fine for all of the other games I have tested but I love Bubble Bobble and that was the main reason I wanted Hi score support in HS. I made a post about it here if anyone can help http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/forum/showthread.php?t=9901 Thanks
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