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  1. I am getting back on to the construction side of my cabinet project http://bubbob.retro.me.uk/ after many months of playing and configuring. My next step is to get some artwork on my CP which isn't going to be straight forward as I have a removable/modular CP so it needs to be thought through and then protect it with some acrylic or lexan. A quick search on the internet brings up loads of results for UK online suppliers of acrylic sheets, I was just wondering if anyone would recommend any and their products or are they all very similar? Also I am using 3/4" mdf on my CP and would ideally like the thinnest layer of acrylic I can get away with. I have seen other posts suggest between 3mm and 5mm is 3mm the minimum that should be used? Thank you
  2. Here are some more pictures. They should all be on the blog if you have been reading that. Internal stuff - motherboard, amp and power strip. Power cable wiring and power cable connection on the back. I only have the one power cable connecting the cabinet to the wall socket and the motherboard is set to auto power on when the mains plug is switched on. Speaker grill and speakers Hopefully the pictures aren't too big. Let me know what you think.
  3. Hi Rocket, Didn't see your post sorry and have been away from the project for a little while. I have some more updates on the blog about fixing the motherboard and speakers and amp I will get some pictures posted on here soon. In regards to the Sanwa buttons it wasn't the prettiest way of doing things but I recessed the underside using a large spade drill bit. I had planned on using the router but in the end it wasn't too bad using the spade bit. I used Slagcoin for my measurements so I drilled a 30mm hole all the way through the MDF for each button to go through and then I recessed the mdf around the holes enough to do the screws up. The mdf I used was 18mm and the buttons are meant to fit 0 - 11mm thick materials so I think I recessed the mdf by about 10mm to leave me with 8mm of mdf around the holes. I haven't got as far as planning out the control panel artwork and plexi glass but I was hoping that I could still get the plexi glass on even if it meant recessing a few more mm from the underside of the mdf to make sure the nuts still did up on the thread. Although I'm not sure how thick the plexi should be on the control panel so I might not be able to if it is thicker than a few mm. I am due to write a blog update about the control panel as it's one of the more interesting parts of the cabinet because it is modular. So when I write that up I will let you know as there should be some pictures of the control panel pieces and button cut outs. Let me know if you need any more information.
  4. Making some progress now I have 2 x 8 way joystick panels fitted and 2 x 6 button panels fitted with a spacer in the middle. This will be the default panel layout as it fits in with the Bubble Bobble theme and will cover most games you can play. When it stops raining I need to cut a wider panel for the Start buttons and the red buttons on there will be replaced with white ones. The red buttons will then be used in another button panel to go with a red ball top 4 way joystick. I have an Aim Trak gun working which I have put in a Gun Con casing but it's a work in progress as I am hoping to get the recoil feature wired up. I have loads to do but need to stop myself from playing on there now so I can actually finish it. Here are a few pictures but there will be more pictures and details on the blog http://bubbob.retro.me.uk/ when I update it. I have a huge list of things to do but keep playing Virtua Cop 2, Bank Panic, Bubble Bobble and Donkey Kong.
  5. Here are some pictures of the cabinet actually stood up. I also have lots of pictures and more blog updates to write regarding the modular control panel and my attempt at implementing light guns. I have finally ordered a monitor so it should be up and running soon so that will be the end of build progress once I can play Donkey Kong.
  6. Thanks for the help Tristeele. I matched the full screen resolution of the emulator to my windows desktop resolution and it worked fine. Now I move onto the Model 3 light gun setup using SuperModel. Does anyone know if this has similar off screen reload problems? And if so is there a similar program for SuperModel to fix? I will have a look and post back here if I find anything out.
  7. Thanks for the reply. I will test out some other resolutions and have a better look into the problem and then post the results.
  8. I am in the process of setting up my light guns and found this program after having the off screen reload problem but can't get it working through HS. Did you guys need to do anything special with it or change your Hyoer Lanuch script? If I load the emulator manually it all works fine and the off screen reload works. If I launch the same game from HS I get a cmd window pop up and then close and I can hear the game running in the background but can't see it. I have gone back to the desktop while I can hear the game running and the RamJet program is running in the taskbar and in task manager and the emulator is running but there is no way for me to get to the emulator as it isn't showing as a running program in the task bar and I can't alt tab to it either. Any help would be great
  9. Hi Mike, The Donkey Kong build isn't mine. I can see why the "other projects" title might be misleading, I will get that changed to something less confusing. The Bubble Bobble cabinet is my first build. It's stood up in my living room now but there is still a ton of work to do, mainly on the changeable controls. I will update my blog soon and get some picturs on here too.
  10. Sorry for the slow reply here, I have been busy with lots of things including the arcade cabinet. There is an update for the blog due shortly (as the cabinet is nearly ready to stand up) but I will post a selection of pictures from the blog in here. In answer to your questions Monkey, the PC setup is already done although it is constantly evolving as I work in IT I usually collect things along the way which might be useful to me. I will write up the current specs in the next post I make here, it's nothing special but does the job although I need a graphics card as I recently installed Street Fighter 4 and get 15 fps I haven't decided on any of the artwork or marquee stuff yet although my idea was to have full side art with Bub and Bob on either side at the bottom blowing bubbles with various famous/favourite characters (not only from Bubble Bobble) trapped in bubbles up the side of the cabinet. What do you think? Here are some pictures for now. Hopefully they will start to get more exciting soon. There is a bit of everything here from the prototype control panel made from bits of kitchen cupboard, the wiring to the network sockets and the assembly of the base and cabinet.
  11. Bump for my project. Recently started it going after a year of no progress. I have finally started construction and have also made loads of progress with the emulators and frontend mainly down to Hypersync. I have a week off work soon so will hopefully make lots of progress if the weather is good, although thats not likely in Wales in December . http://bubbob.retro.me.uk/
  12. Thanks Rain. Signed up for the Emu Movies subscription and now looking forward to the release of the new HyperSync to auto download the movies. I'm unsure if I should wait until HyperSpin 2 is released and get the MP4 videos or get the FLV videos for now and re-download when HS is updated.
  13. Ignore everything in my previous post. I closed Hypersync and opened it again and when I added the Atari 7800 it found the roms. I checked the 2 Atari systems I had previously added and had problems with and it had found the roms for those systems as well. Excellent program, this will save months of work. Can't wait for my EmuMovies discount code and the ability to download the videos through Hypersync
  14. I seem to be having a similar problem to Skullboy. Hypersync doesn't seem to be seeing my roms. I have tried Atari 2600 and Atari 5200 and get the same result for both. System themes and letters download ok but unless I tick the box to sync artwork even if rom file is not present I don't get any game artwork. Does Hypersync pickup the rom directory from hyperspin? Or have I missed a setting to point it at my roms? If I go to the per game settings in either system all of the games are highlighted in red (Rom file missing). As far as I know my roms are correctly named and they seem to match the names in Hypersync. Other than that problem, Hypersync seems to be brilliant and will be money well spent for anyone setting up Hyperspin. The problem isn't too bad for me as I am aiming to have a complete collection of everything so want all artwork anyway so I will leave the download even if Rom file is missing enabled.
  15. Been a bit slow getting things going but I have now updated the blog with some pictures of my prototype modular control panel (its very rough) and I will be updating with my wiring work in the next few days.
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