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  1. I wanted to run Bootcamp, so it would be a complete WIndows machine, no emulation. Nevertheless, I've decided to build myself a nice mid to hi end gaming PC which will be put in a mini itx case and be used for hyperspin Thanks for your opinions on the mac mini
  2. Matcha, thanks a lot :-) I'm just looking into building a PC (geez, so many specs for a mac guy... waaaay too complicated and confusing). I might try the mac mini alternative first. Thanks a lot :-)
  3. As far as I know, Mame doesn't play Strider 2 an all those capcom like games, right? Mine never did.
  4. Giga... thanks so much ;-) I'll upgrade it to an i5 then.
  5. Anyone? Wanted to purchase it today with a friend (building two bartops)
  6. No no no wait... I have a spare mac mini here which I never really use. THIS is the reason I wanted to set this up as a Hyperspin Machine. I already thought of getting the Alienware X51 as a gaming PC since that computer setup will eventually land in a Vewlix Cabinet at some point. Why buy new stuff if you can build it on top of something you already have. PLUS: Not everyone is a PC fan and loves big bulky loud fugly machines laying in front of the TV. PCs just look butt-ugly while a mac mini looks perfect. Also: in an all mac environment, it's more than understandable I'd prefer the mac option. Now as you have already tried it out and let me know that DC emulation was choppy, I'm looking into building something cheaper, with better specs (we all know that Apple doesn't use the best specs in GFX cards, etc.) but with a great clean look. The Alienware X51 looks like a nice Xbox360 and would look great. That's why I was asking. When people ask for your opinion, it's still just an opinion which people want to consider. They are very helpful and people are grateful for it. It doesn't mean people HAVE to act like you said and it's not disrespectful either. I'm VERY grateful for your opinion and upon your opinion I reconsidered this and might get a PC. Now I've already posted a different thing where I've configured a €400 PC, hoping to be sufficient for everything.
  7. Hello Hypies ;-) it's me again. Still configuring my bartop-to-be and would like to know if this PC is capable of running everything up to Dreamcast (preferrably in HD), N64, Taito X and Gamecube (also in HD). CONFIGURATION 1 CPU: Intel Core i3-3220 "Ivy Bridge", boxed Main: ASUS H81I-PLUS Mainboard GFX: GIGABYTE GV-N750OC-2GI PSU: be quiet! Pure Power CM L8 530W RAM: Corsair DIMM 2GB DDR3-1333 (x2... so it's 4GB) HDD: Samsung HD-M101MBB 1TB 2.5" Furthermore, can it also be an AMD with something else but a GeForce? How's the support of the emulators? Do they rely on Intel and GeForce or can I also have a good computer with AMD and that stuff? Thanks in advance :-)
  8. My friend has the recent mac mini. I'll bootcamp his mac and will try out some of the stuff. Thanks a lot
  9. Oh matcha... :-) Can you let me know how things go? Maybe some DC, Wii and PS2 emulation if possible? Thanks in advance!!!
  10. Dear HS members ;-) I've been googlen my *** off, checked out some videos on youtube and saw some people running HS with Bootcamp (so it's basically a windows 7 x64 version) and played PS2 with it. My question as someone who's just looking into HS and setting up his "arcade machine": Is the current mac mini along with it's graphics card capable of running Dreamcast, Wii PS2 and possibly Taito X2, CPS3, etc. lag free? Here's the current setup of the most recent mac mini. 2.6GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 8GB memory 1TB hard drive1 Intel Iris Graphics Furthermore, I have absolutely no idea what I need to run PS2 and that stuff smoothly. I've seen people going with those barebones for $300 and I've seen ppl telling others to get a high end PC for $1500 in order to get PS2 emulation or something similar smoothly. I just want something SILENT (as it would be in my living room) to run my games on. I'm mostly interested in Wii, PS2, Taito X, CPS3 and so on. I know that SNES and MAME, etc. don't need high end computers. But is the mac mini enough? Maybe someone of you is running that setup? Thanks in advance. :-) PS: If this wont be enough... maybe some advice on a mini or micro ITX board along with cpu and all that set up? I'd like to order something... since I'm in Europe, I'd like to have some links if possible. Thanks so much for the help. I thought of the Alienware X51 maybe? Looks good and fits perfectly into a living room.
  11. Hi gigapig. Not yet, I deleted everything and wanted to try it out today if I find some time. Thanks so much for the video. I'll check it out and see if I can get the Beta installed first. Have a great day
  12. Hey gigapig. Thanks a lot. Yes, that is my issue as well. I'll retry again later today. Can't wait for the new beta and I hope I wont miss it in a post you post it. Merry Christmas Buddy and thanks for helping
  13. Hi gigapig, thanks a lot for the links and quick reply. I did use GIT and so on. Will retry it again today and follow is clololololosely :-) after I watch your videos. Thanks a lot. Further questions will be posted in the support forum if needed (probably will) :-D Have a merry christmas.
  14. flyer6

    Prinstalled HDD?

    Definitely not legal. I wouldn't support this anyway. Better learn it to do it yourself. in the end, you'll have issues with the "ready made" harddrive and you wont be able to fix it. :-/ because you just bought everything.
  15. Hi guys, first of all: A big and nice MERRY CHRISTMAS to all of you! Hope you're enjoying a wonderful time with your loved ones and your arcade needs :-) I'm a new guy, was reading and reading and reading until my eyes fell out. I've managed to install Hyperspin and HyperLaunch, etc. But still, I have a few questions and of course, it's not working as expected :-D What's up with the site? Yesterday, I've bought the platinum membership for FTP purposes and to show some support for such a great project. LAter, I read that some key people like Rain and emd (or something, the creator of the Dom's Hyperspin Tools) are out and not doing anything anymore because of real life issues which I understand... but still... :-/ Hyperspin Docs Some tutorials on this site point to Hyperspin Docs which is down. A bummer for every newbie. I'll never understand why I need to create a modules sub-folder in the HyperSpin folder while HyperLaunchHQ already has a (filled) Modules sub-folder in it's main folder. Outdated/Wrong Tutorials? I've been trying to install Hyperspin with this tutorial: http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/forum/showthread.php?29481-How-to-install-HyperSpin And it's working so far. BUT... when I open HyperLaunchHQ for the first time, the emulator list on the left hand site is EMPTY, It only shows 'GLOBAL' and that's it. From there, I have big problems. Can't find any solution. Does anyone have any help for this? There are other tutorials on youtube and here, which are totally different (probably version differences). Modules? Since some people left the page, I was wondering: Where are the AHK files which a lot of youtube users show in there tutorials under HyperList? Every AHK Entry and Modules are gone. What's up with that? For a newbie, this whole thing seems inconsistent :-( Please let me know... Thanks. Is there an updated tutorial anywhere which shows me how to add emulators correctly? Is there an explanation of what 'modules' is and why it's in the HyperLaunch folder and not in the HyperSpin sub-folder? As you can see, a LOT of questions. Sorry for this but I really hope to get some answers from a great community. MERRY CHRISTMAS to all of you. flyer
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