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  1. I'm a big fan of the classic shaped arcades and this one is done beautifully! Well done, can't wait to see the finished product.
  2. Would love to help you out but we really need some more information. What are you trying to accomplish? What have you tried already? What is giving you problems?
  3. Great build! Can I ask you where you got those rounded USB panel mounts?
  4. Good to see you progressing. Can't wait to see the finished product! With lightning you mean lighting? Or are you gonna paint it with a lightning pattern? I was wondering what your ideas are about painting/decorating the cabinet anyway
  5. I love the rounded sides! Also the semi frontfacing speakers are neat. It reminds of me of the misses Pacman cabinet. Was that of inspiration to you? If you're going to add a coin slot, I would stick to MAME, otherwise go full blown with all the systems For the buttons, I personally like the default goldleaf pushbuttons. But most are fine and all pretty cheap. Can't wait to see it finished.
  6. Thanks man! Really appreciate it. Let me know how your panel turns out, would love to see it when its done. For me what really made the panel was to cover it with some plexiglass. The buttons hold it on its place so its a neat transparant layer over your artwork. Turned out better then I hoped.
  7. Hahaha thanks, yeah I should put in a disclaimer telling the video is in Dutch. Ondanks dat je dat al door had
  8. Hi guys, After lurking my way around here for quite some time now I wanted to show you guys my own build cabinet. It's 100% custom and not like any other cabinet out there. My brother and I love cabinets and retrogames since we were kids so it was just a matter of time before we deceided to build our own cabinet. We have been collecting games and consoles for a long time and always kept our collection up to date at http://retrogamebrothers.com. Therefor we deceided to build a custom cab dedicated to our alias the "retrogamebrothers". Lets start of with the finished product. Also see our cabinet in action If you don't get anything we say, its because its in Dutch. Internals and software Processor: Intel XEON quadcore 3Ghz Memmory: 8GB HDD: 1TB, 7200RPM (Games) SSD: 512MB Samsung portable (OS) 2 Large fans (intake and outtake for airflow at the back) Stereo speakers WiFi USB stick for updates, network games and remote access. Sticks: Sanwa sticks with 8 diagonal restrictor plates Buttons: Default arcade buttons Controller: iPAC2 Monitor: Dell Ultrasharp U2412M OS: Windows 7 Frontend: Hyperspin Emulators: MAME only Materials used 2 large boards of MDF 2 Cans of Black spraypaint Lots of black sticker foil 2 Vynil stickers for the sides Vynil sticker for the marquee 2 pieces of Plexiglass for the marquee and the button panel Lots of screws, woodglue and wooden strips for construction RGB LED lightstrip for the footer LED lightstrip for the marquee Cardboard for the monitor backplate Coinslot, keylocks, wire, wire, wire and more wire Glass window to cover the monitor and monitor backplate Construction We started out by drawing our ideal cabinet on a piece of paper. What do we want? CRT of LCD? standup cabinet or tabletop? 2 player or 4 player? Finally we deceided and skeched some mockups of what we would like. Not much later we started thinking about sizes and shapes and got to the following final draft. After that we started cutting out the panels. Time to apply some paint to the inside of the sidepanels Then, order some goodies and start working on the foot stand (with collapsable wheels) Creating the frontpanel with the coinslot Start putting it toghetter to get an idea of the result Start working on the electronics and PC Creating the art and finnishing the cabinet Putting it toghetter for the last time Almost done! In conclusion It was a lot of work! We had never done anything remotely to working with wood or building a cab but we are really happy with the result! It took us about 3 months to build the whole cab. Since we only worked on it in the evenings and weekends it took us a bit longer then expected. Also figuring out the best way to run HyperSpin, MAME, mapping the buttons, creating configs, downloading movies etc. turned out to be waaaaaaay more work then I thought. By using a subscription to both HyperSpin and EmuMovies I spared mysqlf quite some time. We made the artwork ourself. Since I created an 8 bit retro game a while back I thought it would be cool to run the game on the cabinet en use the artwork for the cabinet as well. It displays my brother and me in 8 bit style and also uses our logo for the marquee and sideart. You can check the game out if you want. Its free, open source and available for MAC, Windows and Linux. http://tweakers.net/acties/tweakbattle I created it with a good friend of mine and the game is build in C++ with SDL. All graphics are created in the Gimp. The cabinet powers on with one single button on the back. It lights the marquee, footer RGB led, LEDS for the coinslot (not in the pictures), the monitor and the PC. The PC resumes Windows from an image stored on the SSD so the cabinets boots into Hyperspin in about 15 seconds. You never see anything from Windows since I modified the resume screen and from there it goes straight into Hyperspin wich was still loaded in memory. We only used MAME games since we love throwing in quarters and play the games we used to play when on holiday. We wanted the authentic feel so no SNES or other retro consoles are installed. We deceided to go with LCD though. It tunred out great! The cabinet is a bit lighter and thinner then using a CRT. Using the MAME HLSL shaders we emulated a great retro look on the LCD. My little nephew even told me to get a new graphics card since it all looked so "blurry" and "pixelated". Just how I wanted it! We recently started building our second cabinet so I hope you guys like the build. Please leave me some feedback on what you love or where yout think we could have done better. We love to learn from it! If you need some info on how we did things, feel free to ask. Thanks for checking this out! Cheers, Retrogame brothers.
  9. This is rather simple actually apart from the bios screen. Let's break your question down. To hide the windows loading screen you could modify it to your own screen or just a black image. With a tool like http://www.askvg.com/change-windows-7-boot-screen-using-windows-7-boot-updater/ you should be just fine. When windows is booted make sure you disable the login screen and let it login automatically. You can put a shortcut to your hyperspin.exe in your startup folder. This will launch hyperspin when windows is booted and logged in automatically. Even better, this is how I do it. Go to power settings and configure your power button to go into hybernate mode. This will windows save its current state and resume from it when you power your computer on again. Even if its powersource is disconnected since it stores the state on the hard disk. Now when your in hyperspin simply press the power button and it will go into hybernate. Press it again and within a few sexonds you find yourself back in hyperspin. This works best with an SSD since it will resume much faster. Now to make it look like a real arcade get yourself a regular type of arcade button with a default switch on it. This is no more then a button that can have a closed or open circuit on the press of a key. Check the jumper on your motherboard, the one where the power button is hooked up to at the moment. You can either cut the wire and replace the PC power button with your own, or place a jumper connector on the key yourself and switch it with the one currently use by your PCs power button. Sorry for my English and typing this on a smartphone hope it helps.
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