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  1. I just updated to wip8 all my loading screens are now running the wrong way (vertical and taking up the entire screen almost), and the exit 3,2,1 is squished but the right position. can't seem to find a ini to specify the way it was. Never mind figured out =P Need to be int he /Hyperpin/Media/Hyperpin/Images folder.
  2. I am using the latest script, and have 2 problems / questions. If I hold my Exit Button down for 5 seconds its exiting hyperpin which I don't want it to do (I have it disabled in hyperpin config, is there something in the script overwriting this? Second If in Hyperpin and I hit my Start button and hold it, it freaks out after a while and sends a ton of repeats (can hear it playing a wave file for keyboard error or whatever)
  3. I wonder if it has something to do with Flash not being the last thing displayed before VP. Seems Flash running in the background seems to give VP a little bump in FPS for some strange reason.
  4. I saw this over on another forum from The I-PAC Developer. "The polling speed issue is not relevant. The I-PACs are full-speed USB devices and this polling speed restriction only applies to low-speed devices. The poll rate is 2ms."
  5. Everything is working great for me on this latest version, except I still can't get my pause button and Exit to work right together, its either one or the other. My Exit Key is "Esc" and my Puase key is "g" When I do get it almost working and I exit my table I notice FBLaunch is bricking my settings over in the settings.ini to defaults. Any Ideas? Here are the settings I want to use. [FPLaunch] exitScriptKey=Esc exitEmulatorKey=Esc toggleCursorKey=t pauseVPinball=g hideCursor=true hideDesktop=true hideTaskbar=true useExitScreen=true usePauseKey=true useLoadScreen=true fadespeed=25 UseExitAsPause=false #exitEmulatorKey2=1 #exitEmulatorKey3=Enter pauseFPKey=g saveFPTables=true #exitEmulatorKey2=1 #exitEmulatorKey3=Enter #exitEmulatorKey2=1 #exitEmulatorKey3=Enter #exitEmulatorKey2=1 #exitEmulatorKey3=Enter
  6. Okay, I have been using the fplaunch with the 3...2..1... exit hold down for a while it works great. I just tried upgrading to the new with pause and loading screen, but it doesnt' work right for me....can someone help me out....I want this functionality, but I just want the ESC key to allow me to exit the game with the 3...2...1.. timer, and my G key to pause the game....and the loading screen for bonus. Currently using the 1.292 version my ESC key is pausing and my G key (GENRE/Pause) does nothing, so there is no way out of my games using my cabinet.....help!!! and thanks.....
  7. I don't think he will be providing any roms etc....just the built pinball machine and computer.
  8. I am highly interested in 4 Guncon Guns with the Amtrack, how much are you selling these for?

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