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  1. HI all, I am not sure what section of the site this kind of topic should go but this subforum seemed appropriate. I am looking to build a new PC in a Micro ATX case to install Hyperspin into, and be able to play at least up to PS2 era emulation. I am not super familiar with what processor and video card / memory might be needed regarding this as far as specs go, and am looking for some recommendations. Of course I'd love to build to the latest and greatest specs, but hoping to limit the build to specs that would be acceptable to emulate all the systems I am hoping to run. Things I already have are: a Micro ATX case, a high powered quiet 700W power supply, all my ROMS (which covers everything up to PS2 (chronologically) more or less), two Xbox 360 wireless controllers and a MS wireless usb receiver for the controllers. Any suggestions would be appreciated, and thanks.
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