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  1. vlado1


    Joytokey can no longer be turned off with bat file!
  2. hyperspin page is not encrypted so you can not log in securely?
  3. through rocketlauncher the game with the retroarch work turn on after switching off the fade but from hyperspin it does not help!
  4. now hyperspin does not work well.
  5. On epsxe 205 in rocketlauncher I can not use analog sticks, could be repaired ?
  6. Do i get some way to save games on retroarch master v1 from simply austin videos?
  7. how to use analog sticks on rocketlauncher in epsxe2.0.5?
  8. vlado1

    problem of bezels

    I have generic but sometimes appears.
  9. I turn on the bezel to true and sometimes appears.
  10. vlado1

    nintendo gameboy

    I do not have Monochrome green screens but such.
  11. When I turn on the Nintendo Gameboy retroarch to rocketlaunchri or hyperspin I do not have jelly Mono color but in colors, does anyone know what the problem is how to solve it?
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