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  1. I use an external drive to store my HS setup and roms -- based on the feedback I received, the problem is caused by the amount of time it takes the drive to spin up and load the rom when the system is idle. I suppose the solution would be to store the files on the local drive. I think if I utilized one of the newer solid state drives (much faster access), it would likely solve the problem. Jim
  2. P.S., my understanding is that virus scanners such as Windows Defender can sometimes cause this sort of delay -- however, my system is not routinely connected to the Internet. Not sure whether Windows Defender and other antivirus programs still run in the background when Windows 10 isn't connected to the Internet? Jim
  3. Hi everyone, A quick question - I'm running HS/Rocketlauncher on Windows 10. Everything works fine, but after I initially run Hyperspin, the very first ROM I attempt to execute (regardless of the system) always takes a very loooooong time to load - sometimes as long as 20 seconds. I hit the start button -- and Hyperspin just sits idle for a lengthy period -- and then all of a sudden, Rocketlauncher takes over (as expected) and boots the ROM. The funny thing is -- this only happens the very first time I launch a ROM. After I launch the first ROM, exit back to HS, and launch other ROMs, everything works as expected (i.e., no delays whatsoever). Initially, I thought the initial delay might be caused by Windows processes loading in the background during the boot process, but I've ruled this out. The delay always occurs when I boot the first ROM -- even if I allow Windows to fully boot and wait an extended period of time (e.g., an hour) before executing Hyperspin. I guess this is some sort of focus issue, but I really don't understand why this delay only occurs during the first boot of a ROM? Or perhaps Rocketlauncher runs through some initial checks/audits the very first time it is executed (but not subsequently) and this causes a delay the first time RL is invoked? Any suggestions? Thanks, Jim
  4. I have a full set of Commodore 64 roms, themes, wheels, etc., and I would like to include C64 on my Hyperspin cabinet setup, but many of the games require a keyboard. Its probably a long shot, but does anyone happen to have a pared down .xml file consisting only of C64 games that can be comfortably utilized without a keyboard (i.e., games that use a joystick or are otherwise suitable for a cabinet set up)? I have quite a few buttons on my control panel, but my rig doesn't use a keyboard, and I don't intend to add one in the future. Thanks, Jim
  5. Thanks. I sent an inquiry to Ultimarc. They replied and said the diameter of each hole is approximately 1/8". Jim
  6. Quick question for those of you who have added a Ultimarc Aim-trak light gun to their HS cabinet -- I realize an IR sensor needs to be mounted near the top edge of the monitor, but I want the installation to look as "clean" as possible. Assuming I de-case the sensor, how large of a hole will I need to poke through the bezel to accommodate each individual LED light bulb (I believe six small holes are required)? I guess what I'm asking is... What is the exact circumference of each small LED lightbulb? And how noticeable are the holes in the bezel? Thanks, Jim
  7. Thanks. I appreciate the input. I'm a little surprised no one has come up with a new version of Instant Sheller that supports Windows 10. But the approach you cited works fairly well, so perhaps I'll simply live with the login screen. Thanks again! Jim
  8. That works great and hides 99% of the operating system, but I still get the one blue login screen (with the spinning circle) and account name that briefly says "Welcome". I have auto login set, so the screen is only displayed for a moment, but its still a distraction. Any suggestions regarding how this screen can be eliminated so its a completely "clean" boot (no signs of the operating system)? Thanks, Jim
  9. Hi, In the past, I've used Instant Sheller to "hide" the operating system and to boot directly to HS. I've never tried the utility with Windows 10? Has anyone tried this? Thanks, Jim
  10. I'm using hyperspin for a MAME dedicated system. For a variety of reasons, I've opted to use Hyperspin launch MAME games via a standard command line option (versus Rocketlauncher or hyper launch). Everything works great, but on occasion, when I launch a game, the hyperspin video will continue to play in the background. MAME launches as expected, and the game responds, but you can hear the hyperspin video playing in the background. This doesn't happen every time... just occasionally. Could anyone tell me how this problem can be corrected? Thanks, Jim
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