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  1. Learned that one the hard way - I tossed pretty much everything I bought there originally and went Ultimarc. Live and learn! Added bonus, extra LED controllers on the IO board. Loving the knob I got there after I shored my hole up with an altoids tin; and the trackball glows like an absolute dream. I'm at the 'make it pretty' stage now... considering how I might build a custom stand for the barcade cabinet, too. I do have an old, broken-down minifridge that's about the right height...
  2. Whelp, I went ahead and cut the arms out of the inside because the monitor was sitting too far forward. It gave me an excuse to use my power tools! Who knew wood glue was so tough!? Now for the next conundrum - the replacement spinner has a smaller shaft than the original and the nut it came with is just barely too small to keep 'er stable... maybe I can shore it up with an altoids tin on the inside.
  3. I'd actually been wondering how best to deal with the trackball; though I figure that I'm going to have to move the monitor back about an inch in the cabinet if I'm going to get the bezel and plastic put in without losing my ever-loving mind. I've got a local source for all kinds of custom cut plastics and vinyls, though - so a smooth surface applies better, eh? I planned for that possibility. No problem! Thanks!
  4. I did! Well, I figured out all the software and picked up a tankstick 10 years ago but only recently got to a point in my life where I could do the real-deal all the way. I have Hyperspin to thank for the inspiration! Now, to figure out why the 'hyperspin' button isn't hyperspinning!
  5. Now, It's almost ready. I've put together an actual cabinet! I'm just lacking the art vinyls, a nice bezel and some glass. Say, should I prime/paint the surfaces I intend to put vinyl over?
  6. songnar

    Linux version

    Because, let's face it - when building a cabinet, why bother spending more money on M$ licensing fees? It would be super-cool to see this program ported to .deb style linux.
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