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  1. Hi all, I fixed mine by simply bypassing the blown circuit to get power to the transformer. My unit showed the following characteristics on the power circuit board: - burnt resistors. - burnt SMD components on the underside. - however, fuse is OK. - transformer tested OK. I am not sure what the blown circuit does... auto-off or line filter circuit? No idea, but it works without it. The following outline the steps I took. WARNING: If you are going to attempt this yourself be very careful as you will be dealing with live mains. Do it at your own risk! I take no responsibilities if you cause harm to yourself/others or blow up your unit completely. 1. Test to ensure that the transformer is still working - Connect the black and white wires (labelled 1 on the image above) to a make-shift power cord. Ensure they are connected securely! - Plug in power cord to the mains and turn on. - Set your multimeter to AC voltage measuring mode. Measure the output voltage on the blue/yellow cables (labelled 2 on the image above). Blue cables should be around 20-23V. Yellow cables should be around 8-10V. - DO NOT connect your multimeter to the sockets on the black and white wires! - If the voltages are within range then the transformer is good. If it's not then find an equivalent replacement transformer from your electronics store. 2. Solder bypass wire to the circuit board - Note I chose not to short the inner plug on the board directly to the input power source as there is still some resistance between the two spade plugs on the board. - Crimp a 4mm spade plug to a correct gauge high-voltage wire and solder this onto the underside of the power circuit board as shown in the image above. - Please note, if your fuse had blown you will need to replace it. See earlier posts freezy. 3. Connect bypass wire to the transformer - Connect the bypass wire to the black cable. - Plug in the white wire to the plug closest to the edge of the board (refer to image above). - Reconnect the rest of the plugs (power output and speaker) onto the amp board. 4. Test unit - Connect a satellite to the unit. - Connect the volume control puck to the unit. - Connect the power cable and turn on. - Rotate the volume control. You should see the blue light comes on. - Connect to an audio source. e.g your mobile phone. You should be able to hear it. - Once satisfied screw on the back cover. Good luck, Tom
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