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  1. any ideas what the hell is wrong with windows this time ????? hyperspin used to work, i cant get it to launch .... it will show up in task manager then disappear. sometimes it will stay in task manager.... absolutely nothing will show up on the monitor, or taskbar..... all copies of hyperspin on the computer will not work.... it worked 3 weeks ago or longer , i know windows did a update....
  2. i haven't messed with hyperspin in 6 years, could not get it to run again on my computer... so i downloaded the latest version of hyper spin, and rocketlauncher i can load up mame in rocketlauncher emulator tab and run a game... it will not load a game on games-tab in rocket launcher, after a audit then selecting a game that works and pushing the red rocket....it it will not load also anything through hyper spin...
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